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What do a top finisher at Kings & Queens of Corbets, a licensed pilot and a beer microbiologist have in common? We are pumped and proud to say they’re three of our Wild Rye Ambassadors! These ladies #playwild, crush life and inspire us with their beautiful badassery. 

Lucy Sackbauer

Day Job: Emergency Room Nurse

Latest Adventure: Competing in Kings & Queens of Corbets in Jackson Hole.

Goal for 2020: Go with the flow and practice patience!

If I Was a Wild Rye Print I Would Be: (Sneak Preview) Ranunculus and Bees befcause they remind me of gorgeous spring flowers in Ketchum, ID.

Lady Boss I Look Up To:  That’s SO tough! So many for so many reasons. As far as skiing, passion, enthusiasm: Rachel Burke. As far as biking and pushing female sports: Hannah Bergemann. As far as bad ass females: You, Cassie! Two businesses and a child! But every woman I meet inspires me everyday. My mom. She raised three incredible kids and was always Our biggest advocate. My sister. Her patience and kind heart. Tough to narrow down!

@lucysac | Learn More About Lucy>>

Krystin Norman

Day Job: Senior Scientist and Microbiologist at Fremont Brewing in Seattle, WA

Latest Adventure: Earning her pilot’s license

Goal(s) for 2020: 

1) Ski cool stuff: Fuhrer Finger on Mount Rainier, North Face of Buckner in the North Cascades, Isolation Traverse.

2) Climb 5.12c on bolts and 5.12a on gear.

3) Ride Mayday without stopping.

4) Become a certified avalanche professional.

If I Was a Wild Rye Print I Would Be:  If I was a Wild Rye print, I would be...Constellation. (optional text: Like the stars, I dream big, I am a bit of a science nerd, and also have a lot of freckles.)

Lady Boss I Look Up To: My cousin Sasha (@sashadingle on IG). She is beautiful, kind, compassionate, badass, and gives back to her communities and family. She competed on the FWT for freeride skiing and has started competing EWS on her mountain bike. She's always been my inspiration since we were little girls! I also look up to Nina Williams for being the most well-rounded and bold female rock climber, and Christina Lustenberger for skiing steep, technical, aesthetic lines and making it as a female ski guide.

@krystinnorman | Learn More About Krystin

Hailey Schiff

Day Job: Executive Assistant to a wonderful family. You name it, I’ve done it.

Latest Adventure: Finishing up with my commercial pilots license and pursuing job opportunities

Goal for 2020:  Earn my multi-engine rating and CFI ratings by the end of the year

If I Was a Wild Rye Print I Would Be: Llamas, because they’re fun

Lady Boss I Look Up To: Leighlan Falley. She’s a bush pilot and guide in Alaska. I aspire to carry myself with the same amount of confidence and badassery as her.

@schiffski | Learn More About Hailey

Monthly Muse: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: What Inspires Us

Every day is International Women’s Day at Wild Rye, but we’ll always jump at the chance to throw some extra love to all of our ladies. Thank you to these shows, songs, moments, movies and new-mom revelations for reminding us just how strong, worthy, and dynamic we (women) are. We hope you’ll find some inspiration from the below and take some time to reflect on the women in your life, show ‘em some love and lift them up...Oh, and share this with the dudes, too!

TV: The Bold Type

I have to hand it to Freeform...Formerly ABCFamily, since its rebrand to Freeform it has welcomed some true gems of shows like The Bold Type. The Bold Type follows three friends through the trials and tribulations of their 20s and the changing landscape of magazine media. No topic is too taboo—from sex to gun safety to gender stereotypes to politics—and they tackle relevant issues with humor, style and humanity. You’ll lol. You’ll consider your stance on big questions. It’ll make you feel good. An absolute binge-worthy recommendation!

MOVIES: Bombshell

Before the MeToo Movement, there was some shady AF stuff that went down at FoxNews. Yes, sadly that’s far from shocking, but I found Bombshell to be refreshing, funny, poignant and timely. It’s not a movie that will leave you reaching for the tissue box (at least for more than a few moments) or scare you shitless...but the realities it so intriguingly explores are nothing short of sad and scary. It shows what women can accomplish when they speak their truth, stand for what they believe, support each other, and say no. Check her out. 


Chanel Miller Mic Drop

Chanel Miller was assaulted by Brock Turner. Brock Turner raped Chanel Miller. (If you need a refresher on why the latter is correct, I urge you to watch this TedTalk by Jackson Katz ASAP.) Brock Turner assaulted Chanel Miller on the Stanford campus in late 2015. There’s no shortage of infuriating and downright disgusting details about this case—from the assault to the sentencing (although there’s a justified ending for the judge on the case). If you haven’t watched Chanel Miller’s speech from the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2019, stop what you’re doing. Here’s to Giving A Damn about each other: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5BHrOJgqh7/


READS: The Little Feminist

Yes, our reading level is above that of a toddler’s, but we were so excited to find this at a favorite Boise gift shop for a gender reveal party present. While the baby turned out to be a girl, it’s just as much if not more important for the little men in our life to hear this message. This beautiful children’s book features women throughout history and contemporaries who have blazed the trail across all industries and talents—from Malala to Amelia Earhart to Frida Kahlo.

When The Bachelor Actually Stood for Something

We typically turn to The Bachelor for a silly and superfluous distraction from reality...even though it’s a “reality TV show.” The Women Tell All episode is usually code for two hours of catfights, but we were shook when the show took a turn to stand for something. Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay joined host Chris Harrison to read some harrowing hate messages that some sad, racist and sexist human beings sent to contestants of the show. It was a sobering representation of cyberbullying and pervasive hate. We give the show kudos for shining a light on the issue and not allowing shameful actions to hide in the shadows.


Girl by Maren Morris: 

Good As Hell by Lizzo: 

The Man by Taylor Swift: 

There’s a reason it’s called Pop Music...and it’s made even better when it stands for something. You’ve def given these a listen, but we highly recommend checking out these videos because they give us allll the feels.


MAMAS: Our own and now...me! 

Shout out to all the mommas out there! I, Cassie, became a mom on December 27, 2019 and I can easily say it’s the hardest, most demanding and rewarding experience of my life. I was never one of those women who felt destined to be a mom, but I knew I wanted a family. That clock started ticking (I’m now 37), and I knew the time had to be now if ever... and I can now attest - this sh*t is hard!

Things I Know Now

Now that I’m a mom, one thing I can say for sure is that our country desperately needs better parental leave. The first few weeks of parenthood are not only exhausting due to the little one, but also because our bodies go through serious trauma. For real. It took me about a month to walk around the block without feeling like my insides were falling out of my body.

My Biggest Surprise

How much I’d hate breastfeeding. There’s such a stigma and expectation to breastfeed, but the fact of the matter it’s not for everyone and that’s OK. My little guy and I just didn’t click while breastfeeding. He was always hungry, he wasn’t latching and I was in pain ALL. THE. TIME.  When I finally allowed myself to throw in the towel, I actually started to enjoy being a mom. 

Things I Can’t Live Without

  • Maxi pads (and Depends):  because as noted above, most women’s insides fall out of their bodies for weeks after giving birth.
  • Wireless, noise-canceling earbuds: my sister gave me these for my birthday this year and they’ve been a sanity-saver. Sawyer does not like to stop moving, so these guys have allowed me to listen to all my favorite podcasts, keep my baby-soothing dance moves going while rocking out to Lizzo, to take work calls and so much more.
  • The Baby Berezza: for those of us who decide formula is the way to go, this thing has been a game changer for both my husband and me. No more measuring (and spilling) powder at 2am with a screaming baby in our arms!
  • Dunham Trutina: because momma needs the occasional, really delicious glass of wine.
  • My husband, mom, sister, dad and my Idaho community.  The saying, "it takes a village" has never been so relevant as it is today.
  • MealTrain: if anyone in your life is soon-to-be a mom, consider offering to set up a mealtrain! Not having to worry about how to nourish ourselves was a life saver. In addition, it was a great excuse to introduce friends to the little man at a sustainable pace.

My Hope for Sawyer

This guy is a feminist in the making (if I have anything to say about it). My hope is that he he grows into a strong, healthy, compassionate, respectful boy.  

Cheers to all the mommas out there for the strength and courage it requires to become a mom!


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