Skiing has been an integral part of my life since before I was born. I grew up in South Lake Tahoe, CA to a family of skiers, ski raced at a young age, switched to acro/ballet skiing (yes, I know!) and mogul skiing, and eventually discovered freeride skiing. After obtaining a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology in Boulder, CO, I took a job at a cancer research center in Seattle, WA and began coaching youth freeride skiing at Crystal Mountain on the weekends. While living in Washington, I have discovered rock climbing, mountain biking, in addition to backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering. Currently, I work as a Microbiologist at a brewery in Seattle and coach adult women's freeride skiing clinics with SheJumps and local ski areas in the winter. I enjoy a good suffer fest, and I like to challenge myself with big goals, entering competitions, and mastery of my sports, often pushing myself to my limits in an educated and safe manner. A huge part of my interests with recreating outside include stewardship and advanced education in outdoor sports, namely avalanche education/snow safety, rock rescue skills, and trail stewardship. Through these passions, I created the Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship Program with SheJumps and the Northwest Avalanche Center to provide affordable avalanche education to women in the Pacific Northwest, a program that I hope to continue and see grow for many years to come. 

  • Doughnuts or Bagels? Bagels! The perfect vessel for almond butter, peanut butter, or cream cheese and fresh berries.
  • Home mountain range? I am originally from the Sierras, but I consider the North and Central Cascades to be my home now.
  • Fur-baby? Someday, I hope to have a blue-healer-mix pup to join me on my adventures.
  • Favorite trail / mountain? MTB trail = a tie between old-school trails at 27 or a lap of OTG/NOTG/EBAD/Legend at Tiger. Mountain = front-side of The King at Crystal Mountain (inbounds) or anything in the Cascade Pass area (backcountry.
  • Go-to Aprés Beverage: The freshest session-able pale ale I can get my hands on, preferably one that I helped make that was packaged the day before consumption. I usually pack my own beer to drink. :]
  • Day Job? Senior Scientist and Microbiologist at Fremont Brewing in Seattle, WA. I basically move and analyze very precise amounts of liquid and cells (beer and yeast) around with fancy glassware and instruments. My job is to make sure that our beer is hitting all of the proper fermentation timelines so that it will be as delicious and consistent as possible. In the winter, I also coach adult-women's freeride skiing at Alpental and youth freeride skiing at Crystal Mountain on some weekends and week nights

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