Masks for Mountain Towns

As of the launch of Masks for Mountain Towns on April 3rd, our home town of Blaine County, ID was leading the nation with the highest rate of infection. Higher than NY. Higher than Wuhan. That said, we know we are far from the only mountain town hurting right now.  Park City, Crested Butte, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, Lake Placid, Jackson and so many more mountain communities have been hit hard by this pandemic. Our rural medical systems are simply not properly equipped to handle community needs while keeping those on the front lines safe.

As of today [April 15] we raised enough to order 10,000 masks which are now being donated and distributed to organizations in need.  We will continue running the Masks for Mountain Towns campaign as long as there is a need, so we invite you to join us if you are able! Here are four ways you can join our effort to keep all of the places we play safe:

1) Every purchase on of over $50 will support the donation of 50 masks.

2) Donate to our GoFundMe. Wild Rye co-founder, Cassie Abel, personally matched the first 1k raised, but donations big or small continue to be welcome

3) Connect with the local hospitals, EMTs and other organizations supporting the health and safety of your community. If they're in need, please direct them to submit their PPE requests here.

4) Share the initiative via this link with your network via email, instagram and facebook so we can do more, together.  

Love and health to each of you!

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