I grew up at the mouth of Little Cottonwood in Salt Lake, UT. My life has always revolved around the outdoors. I am an avid skier and bike enthusiast, there’s nothing more fun than cruising downhill on a bike or with skis under your feet. I graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Sociology and Environmental Studies a few years ago. Most recently I acquired my Private Pilots license and am in the process of working towards my Commercial! My goals are to fly cargo, travel the world and bike as many places as possible! Stoked to be apart of the Wild Rye community and represent a woman owned and run business!

  • Doughnuts or Bagels? Omg. What kind of question is this?! They’re both so perfect. But bagels. 
  • Home mountain range? Wasatch Wountains! 
  • Fur-Baby? Life’s too crazy for fur babies right now but if I had one I’d have a mini daushsund and name it Taquito or Schnitzel. 
  • Favorite trail / mountain? My favorite bike trail... gosh this is tough. Lithium in Jackson is pretty amazing. My fave route at home is Devo/Old Skool/Pointy Rocks linkup. Captain Ahab in Moab is pretty special... Alta is my favorite ski mountain, no questions asked. 
  • Go-to aprés beverage? Biking = Margaritas, Skiing = Hot Toddy’s. 
  • Day Job? I’m in Aviation school to become a pilot and I sling stretchy pants at Lululemon as my side gig. 

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