Wild Rye Monthly Muse: June

Wild Rye Monthly Muse: June

June 05, 2019

This June, we are inspired by changing seasons, some self-reflection and more sunny days. We're digging into big issues but never forgetting to stop and have a laugh. We're feeding ourselves with fresh flavors of summer, but always adding a little dose of indulgence.

What inspires you?

WHAT WE’RE READING: This Life Will Be the Death of Me by Chelsea Handler

Equal parts funny and inspiring—but always honest—Handler’s latest book takes on mid-life crises, the importance of empathy, dog parenting, grief, and even ayahuasca. It will have you lol’ing and makes for a great beach read.


WHAT WE’RE LISTENING TO:  More Perfect by Radiolab

More Perfect is about Supreme Court decisions that have an effect on our everyday lives. I know, sounds boring, but the first episode legit had me crying. RadioLab did an amazing job of making tricky concepts and major issues approachable, human, and meaningful. It taps into the inner-workings of the highest court in all the land and tackles big issues like gun control, racism, capitol punishment, gender equality and even mansplaining.

WHAT WE’RE COOKING: Lemony Arugula Cacio e Pepe by Chrissy Teigen

This lemony arugula cacio e pepe recipe is summer bliss in a bowl (+pancetta).

I've never read the intros to a recipe until I received Chrissy Teigen's Cravings cookbook. Best. Present. Ever. Not only does this book let you eat well (and almost always with a dose of indulgence), it will have you laughing out loud while you do it. Pick up her book (this recipe is from the first one, but the second book is equally awesome) or check out the recipe here:

WHAT SPEAKS TO US: Leslie Jones on SNL’s Weekend Update Talking Women’s Rights

Recent headlines have me reaching for all the worst emojis. Humor makes everything better, especially when it helps get the point across. Leslie Dracarys Jones for the win!

WHAT KEEPS US LAUGHING: Coffee Bean x Kirby Compliments of @CassieAbel

There is a (one-sided?) love affair going down right here in our WR HQ hometown thanks to Cassie’s hubby’s guinea pig class pet and Wild Rye mascot, Kirby. It will brighten any bad day. 

Kirby x Coffee Bean Love Story



WHAT WE’RE GIFTING: Waimea Farmer’s Market Inspo

Moringa Oil:  Check out this super food and a bunch of amazing products made by the very cool couple of Maruyama Jones Farm. 

Sheinfeld Rodriguez Jewelry:  This guy’s incredible designs are inspired by architecture, 3D printing and the natural world. I may or may not have bought myself a pair of the 69xgold earrings as a grad present… #treatyoself 

Kepola Design House:  These effortless and approachable designs have just the right touch of feminine and are stitched locally at a design studio in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii using natural, organic, and recycled fibers.  


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