The Season of Shred: Eight Female Ski/Snowboard Movies To Watch This Winter

The wait is over! Snow has started flying in most mountain towns and winter is definitely on the way! To feed the stoke, we gathered eight of our favorite ski and snowboard films/trailers featuring rad women, many of whom are also on our ambassador team!

Girl Crush

So grab a beer, get comfy on the couch and get stoked for long days in the mountains with these short flicks.

The Approach - (ft. Sofia Jaramillo, Ingrid Backstrom, Brooklyn Bell + More)

The approach to any backcountry line is often one of the most challenging parts of an adventure but the tracks we each leave behind are a personal expression of our skills and collective accomplishments. If you're looking for an action packed ski and snowboard film,  this short elevates people of color, women and adaptive athletes. 

Boots Over Brim - (ft. Amie Engerbretson)

This short film follows professional skier, Amie Engerbetson, and her dad as she dips in and out of dreamy ski lines and an impressive western dance sequence. It breaks many rules of classic ski films but is sure to make you pine for powder days and long days in the mountains. 


Girl Crush - (ft. Mali Noyes, Nicole Jorgenson + More)

What happens when four women venture into the mountains with one of their idols? Magic! This film follows a group of fun-loving women with an ambitious plan, a perfect weather forecast and five days to explore the backcountry. What could go wrong? Check out the trailer today! 

Life of a Ski Patroller - (ft. Nicole Jorgenson + Hannah Baybutt)

Being a ski patroller is about more than just being a first responder, emergency medical technician and rescuer. Go behind the scenes on this Warren Miller segment that explores living and working in our hometown of Sun Valley, ID. 

The Stomping Grounds - (ft. Lucy Sackbauer, McKenna Peterson, Michelle Parker + More)

What is home? This film explores ski lines outside several pro-skiers hometowns and in the process, redefines what home means to each of them. 

Open Doors - (ft. Rachael Burkes + Megan Dingman)

In this short film, Burkes shows Megan the ropes of what it takes to be a pro skier and explores their joy in skiing through mentorship and their special relationship. 

Snowcats - (ft. Chloe Kim + Jamie Anderson)

Filmed on the slopes in Sierra-at-Tahoe, this short is packed with creative freestyle tricks in a free-flowing energy. It's the perfect recipe to get you stoked to throw down that new trick you've been working on! 

The Uninvited II - (ft. Jess Kimura)

Up-and-coming athletes have a hard enough time breaking through into the pro snowboarding realm. It shouldn’t be even harder for girls. Get stoked for this film directed by one of the most influential snowboarders of the last decade! 

Have a film you think we'd love? Let us know in the comments! 

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Though it isn’t a full film, I would love to share this Line Skis product video for the Blade W ski that myself and two of my close lady friends are featured in! In a world where brands never put money towards creating content featuring women, let alone 3 women for a entire 3 minute edit, I think it is a very special moment for skiing. I am super proud to have been a part of this project because I want to see content like this become regular for brands to invest money and time into. I also want to see more videos of ladies shredding and having fun at their home mountains!
Hope you enjoy!!
xx Krystin (Wild Rye Pro Teamer)

Krystin Norman October 29, 2021

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