2021 Holiday Staff Picks

"There’s no hiding it, we're living in a weird world right now. I used to reserve the term 'global weirding' to exclusively relate to climate change, but pretty much everything seems off kilter at the moment. Global supply chain issues are one thing, but you may have noticed that holiday promotions are starting to pop up right now too (ahem, that little internet company up in Seattle). Why? Because the world is expected to see serious delays and surcharges when it comes to domestic shipping as we get closer and closer to the holidays. If you want to understand it a little better, we definitely recommend you give this podcast a listen." - Cassie Abel, Wile Rye owner and founder

Despite all of the supply chain challenges, we love to celebrate early and often, so we asked our employees to tell us their favorite gear to help you check loved ones off your gift lists. These are the pieces we’ll be dreaming of, so get a head start and shop their picks below!


Freel Shorts

1st Pick: Merritt Muscle Tank - I love this top because I can wear it so many ways. It looks great with jeans but is also a perfect top for a hike or ride.

2nd Pick: Freel Shorts - I love these shorts because they are super comfortable and they look great on! I'm typically not a person who loves shorts, but I definitely love riding in these. My thighs touch and most shorts ride up, but these stay in place.


Skida Bloom

1st Pick: Imogene Shacket - It has so many pockets to fit your keys, snacks, and wallet, but I love that the front pocket can fit a can of Modelo- That's very important! 

2nd Pick: SKIDA Tour - I love that you can wear this all day as a trendy scarf around town, mask, or a headband when you're crushing out some backcountry miles. 


Freyah Pants

1st Pick: Freyah Bike Pants - These beauties are built to withstand the elements but are also incredibly versatile. While they’re designed for everything a hard-core mountain biker needs in cool weather and to protect them against the elements (debris, water etc), you’ll also see me Nordic skiing and doing some light on-piste skinning in these this winter.

2nd Pick: Base Layer Kit I look forward to the arrival of our new base layer sets each season. They’re so soft and cozy, and it means ski season is just around the corner. I literally live in these all winter. This year, my favorite print is Shroom Bloom (bold and fresh), but I might be scooping up the SheJumps collab collection since we’ll be donating $20 from each piece directly back to fund SheJumps’ mission to help get more women and girls outdoors.


Imogene Shacket

1st Pick: Imogene Shacket - The most comfortable, stylish and warm jacket, all in one piece. My go-to for those chilly commutes or even a night out on the town.

2nd Pick: Sandia Jersey - My go-to workout shirt, whether its cycling, running, hiking, or the gym. It's super comfortable and wicks the sweat right off.


Kami Fruita

1st Pick: Freel Shorts: I am a curvy woman and I LOVE these shorts! They fit like a glove, hold their shape and are so comfy to ride in. I've crashed uphill more times than I care to admit and these shorts have held up through every endo; they practically look new, so they can def keep up! 

2nd Pick: Arcade x Wild Rye Belt - This belt is so versatile and I love the styling and color pop. It can be worn with my favorite Freel shorts, my snowpants for a day of skinning and even jeans, for a night out. A must-have for your bike or ski kit. 


Merritt Tank

1st Pick: Imogene Shacket - This fall season, I am loving the Imogene Shacket. She's business on the outside, party on the inside, and has pockets for days. What's not to love!

2nd Pick: Merritt Muscle Tank One of my go-to pieces is my Merritt Tank. She's flattering, oh so soft, and layers well under basically everything. There is no such thing as having too many of these!

Feel free to pass this list along to your family, friends, significant others...or whoever will be wrapping up your goodies this year. 😉 Happy Shopping! 

Holiday Staff Favorites

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