Wild Rye Monthly Muse: December

Wild Rye Monthly Muse: December

December 09, 2019

What We’re Working On: Improving our financial literacy! 

This fall we’ve invested a lot into improving our financial literacy. Yes, it’s key to running a business, but it’s just as important to us personally. Report after report indicates that despite women being on the rise in corporate settings and beyond, across the board, women are far behind on financial savvy. This is a problem for several reasons:

  1. Women are typically the primary caregiver
  2. Women still earn less
  3. Women live longer
  4. Women control the majority of purse strings
  5. We can go on…

Need more convincing on this fact? Feel free to read on here.

I know it’s not as exciting of a topic as waist deep powder and tacky trails, but it’s so important! That brings us to two key tools that have been invaluable to increasing our own personal financial knowledge, which we hope will help you too!


Nav.it: We added a new member to our office, completely outside of the Wild Rye family for a little extra energy! Meet Maia — she’s the co-founder and CMO of Nav.it, a money management tool for women who want to be prosperous on their own terms. Maia and her team built the app in efforts to help you set up your finances to achieve the lifestyle you want to lead. Learn more and download the app at navit.io


The Uptick NYC: I’ve always wanted to be “good at investing” but in all honesty, staying on top of the market is boring and confusing for me...until now. Enter the instagram account @TheUpTickNYC, founded by long-time Wall Street veteran Jamie Easton. The daily posts break down the day’s big market happenings in a fun and informative way that makes it FAR easier to absorb. Much like our favorite news app, the Skimm, TheUptickNYC will be launching a weekly email in early 2020, rounding up the week’s most impactful financial news. You can sign up in advance here.

What We’re Reading: Working Together

Written by K’s high school pal Caroline Fairchild, the LinkedIn Working Together Newsletter is a weekly series and live show on the changing face of U.S. business. Each newsletter features a brief deeper-dive article and my favorite sections “What’s Working” and “What Needs Work.” Check out the latest edition here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/heres-how-tell-your-company-really-cares-promoting-women-fairchild/

What We’re Sweet On: Pappy & Company’s bourbon balls

Our friends, Carrie, Louise and Chenault, built an entire bourbon-inspired lifestyle brand around their grandfather’s famous whiskey. Pappy Van Winkle whiskeys are nearly impossible to get our hands on, but luckily, Pappy & Company’s bourbon balls, barrel aged maple syrup and other bourbon inspired treats are not. And they're oh-so-festive for the holidays.

What We’re Listening To: Mariah Carey (Holiday) Radio on Pandora. Sorry, not sorry.

What We’re Cooking: Fondue! 

What’s better than a giant pot of melty cheese after a day of skiing? It’s the perfect way to bring people together over the holidays. We’ll be whipping this Detwiler family recipe up for all our holiday gatherings, and now you can too! 

Recipe: https://brass-blossom.com/tag/fondue-recipe/

What We’re Excited About: Our newest team member!

Meet Silje. She’s the wonder woman packing and shipping your (much appreciated) orders and responding to all your emails… and so much more. Silje grew up in northeast Oregon, spent a gap-year in Norway, and got her Environmental Policy degree in Massachusetts. She’s an avid tele-skier, artist, former raft guide, rookie archery hunter, has-been rodeo queen, and aspiring mountain biker. Silje is fired up about joining the Wild Rye team and contributing to a brand that empowers women of all skill levels & backstories—on the slopes, on the trails, and in the workplace. Silje has benefited from strong women paving the way for her to realize her potential, and is inspired to create space for both the hell-bent aggressive lady-shredders, as well as restorative wanderers. 

Share what's inspiring you in the comments below! We always love to hear from you! xx Cassie, Krista & Silje

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