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WHAT INSPIRES US: Women-Led Wednesday

WOMEN! In all our spare time, we’re working tirelessly to bring the 2nd Annual Women-Led Wednesday to life AND recently launched an all new women-led directory.  If you’re new to the concept of Women-Led Wednesday it’s a two-part initiative with the end goal of creating a more gender balanced economy:

  1. It’s an annual shopping holiday that encourages people to #ShopWomen in leadership in efforts to create a more gender-balanced economy. The Women-Led Wednesday holiday is much like the other shopping holidays such as Small Business Saturday and falls annually the Wednesday before Thanksgiving - this year November 27th - mark your calendar!  
  2. In addition to the holiday, we just launched a comprehensive women-led brand directory to help all of you search, explore, discover and (most importantly) shop women-led brands this holiday season and beyond. 

We highly encourage you to poke around when you have some time and feel free to pass along to any other Women-Led consumer products brands. 

More in a recent SNEWS article here


We recently sat down (via the internet) with SheShreds podcast host, Val Vanderpool to talk about all the things. We talked about how Wild Rye came to be, some of the pain points (and goals) of the business, how we’re always striving to do better for all of you, Sun Valley area riding and backcountry skiing and how effing terrifying it is to be starting this whole motherhood thing while running two businesses.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

SheShreds Episode 7

WHAT WE’RE COOKING: Health Kick Corner

Daily Harvest: If you’re like us, you’ve been Instagram targeted for these tasty on-the-go smoothies and meals. I was hesitant, but Daily Harvest has quickly become a part of my daily routine and a quick and hearty way to have a warm meal at night. I love their ginger greens and mango greens smoothies and the turmeric and lemongrass soup. Living in a mountain town, reasonably-priced organic produce is hard to come by, so these little cups save me time and money. Andd yes, all the packaging is recyclable (the liner that holds the dry ice is biodegradable made from recycled denim)! They also send you text reminders to edit or cancel your upcoming shipment, which has been a life saver. Get $25 off your first box here.

Ginger Brew:
A friend passed this recipe from Bon Appetit along right when I was coming down with a death cold. This easy recipe packs some serious punch—I peeled about 9 pieces of ginger— and you can taste the wellness immediately. I added a little water to the ginger in my blender to make sure it blended smoothly and subbed honey for syrup...but whatever floats your boat!

Care/Of Vitamins: I tried a couple other women’s vitamin options, but they just weren’t agreeing with my system or quite giving me what I wanted. Care/of isn’t just a multi vitamin: it’s a curated and personalized vitamin pack—in all compostable or recyclable packaging—that’s tailored to your concerns, needs, and even your geographic location (let’s just we’re a little short on Vitamin D up here in the mountains!). You can also edit your suggested pack and add something you know you want (for example, I’m a big fan of Ashwagandha). Pretty sure the “pocket protector” also saved me from death cold round two this fall. Get $49 off your first pack here.

Trader Joe’s Almond Butter Turmeric Salad Dressing: Plus lemon, ginger and black pepper. Freaking delicious. In the refrigerated section next to the produce. Recommend with butterleaf, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate feta and carrot. Enough said.


The Alice Network: I’m a WWII junkie and especially love devouring novels and non-fiction featuring female heroines. The Alice Network is my most recent read.  The bulk of the story revolves around network of women spies in Northern France, doing the unspeakable to collect and pass along information during the height of WWII. These women are brave. Really, really brave. I read it in a matter of days and highly recommend for any of you looking for a cozy read as the days get shorter. 

In Her Words: In Her Words is a twice-weekly newsletter on women, gender and society featuring prominent headlines by women and about women as well as a deeper dive into one topic. Last Friday’s focused on witches, and we were instantly hooked. Check it out and sign up here:


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