Holiday Gift Guide: Pro Team Picks

Do you have a mountain biker or skier on your holiday list but you're not sure what to get them? To give you some inspiration, we asked our Pro Team what they'd be most stoked to unwrap this holiday. No surprise, the new Imogene Shacket and the Freyah Bike Pants are at the top of almost everyone's list. Read more about their favorites below and shop the collection here! 

Note: We're down to only 15 pairs remaining of the Freyah Bike Pant on our site, but if you want help finding them at a local retailer, feel free to reach out and we'd be happy to connect you with a pair in your size:


Kelli Skiing

Top Pick: Evie Raglan - The fit is perfect, and the merino wool is soft, and the perfect base layer for backcountry days. I'm obsessed and wear this top everywhere!

Second Pick: Jane Legging - The 7/8 crop is the perfect length to keep your legs warm and they end right above the line of the ski boot, avoiding the bunch up inside the boot that happens with full length leggings. Plus, the prints are to die for.


Kayah Flower

Top Pick: Imogene Shacket - I love the colors, fit, material and versatility; it's one of the best layers I have in my closet and I can wear it comfortably almost all year round! I have the black version and the beautiful pattern on the interior is a great flash of femininity and even more style to this layer when wearing it out on the town or out in the mountains.

Second Pick: Freyah Bike Pant - The fabric is SO comfortable and the fit of these bike pants are relaxed enough through the knee that riders who like thicker knee pads are comfortable when riding and post-ride-chillin. The rest of the pant is filled for a more feminine fit overall.


Chelsea dropping

Top Pick: My favorite Wild Rye product is the Freyah Bike Pant. Not only do I wear them biking in the gnarliest conditions, but I love wearing them casually as well (ex. hiking, exploring etc.) They are an extremely flattering pant all around that is super comfortable!

Second Pick: I love the Evie & Jane base layers in the Shroom Bloom print. They are so soft and cozy and the prints on the base layers are so alive and fun! They are perfect to wear under your gear and they keep me just the right temperature - not too hot & not too cold. They keep me feeling just right!


Jess snowboarding

Top Pick: I love the new Freyah pants. They are beautiful, the fit is perfect (especially over my butt and muscular thighs), and they are super durable. I can see myself wearing them for other activities like rock climbing, too.

Second Pick: I spend a lot of time in the Heyburn Crew sweatshirt. It's so soft and warm, and because it looks more refined than a typical sweatshirt, I also wear it to work a lot. I love all of the dual-purpose clothing from Wild Rye!

Note: While the Heyburn Crew has been discontinued, we recently launched the Helens Hoodie and Tallac Turtleneck that are just as warm and cozy! 


Krystin in Shacket

Top Pick: My favorite Wild Rye item right now is my Imogene Shacket! I tend to wear puffy jackets year round for warmth and function, but have never owned something more stylish like a shacket. This piece provides the cozy warmth of a puffy, but with the nice and clean style of a button up, collared jacket. It looks great with a Tallac Turtleneck or a Helen's Hoodie underneath and can dress up any outfit! The six-pocket options are also amazing so you can store your phone, keys, ID, and also keep your hands warm.

Second Pick: My most-used Wild Rye items that have seen the most mileage and days in the mountains are my Evie Raglan and Jane Leggings. These are the first items that I discovered from Wild Rye before joining the pro team, and I am obsessed: not only with the gorgeous prints but the warmth, breathability, and comfort that they provide me. I use these for both inbounds skiing and ski touring, and they keep me warm and dry even on wet PNW days or high output ski tours. The pattern/solid blocking is also extremely flattering on all body types!


Michelle biking

Top Pick: I'm petite and have curves, so that means I need stuff that fits my bottom and perform like a dream. The Freda bike shorts do all that and more! I also look pretty fast :)

Second Pick: Let's be honest, I often crash, and my hands need protection. I also sometimes need to text my husband if I'm running late on the trails and need him to pick up the kids. The Galena gel bike gloves keep me scratch free and I don't always have to take them off to hit send!


Ingrid Summer Biking

Top Pick: The Evie Raglan! I took this base layer on a 7-day touring hut trip and lived in it! I can confirm that the merino layer will keep you smelling good even if you’re sweating day in and out. Great patterns, perfect for winter snow sports!

Second Pick: Freel bike short! These are my favorite shorts because the material is soft but durable, stretchy, and breathable. The patterns are so good every year it’s impossible to choose just one pair! Plus, belt loops and REAL pockets (that fit my giant iPhone) make these MTB shorts winners in my book!


Nat Muggin

Top Pick: My absolute favorite Wild Rye product is the Jane Legging. They are the PERFECT crop so they don't get all bunched up under your ski socks, they come in the most fabulous patterns (I went with Shroom Bloom), they are made of the coziest and softest merino wool, and the width/placement of the waistband is *ideal*. If you have curvy hips and struggle to find something that doesn't squeeze you in the wrong place or constantly slide up or down your hips, these are for you!

Second Pick: I am a huge fan of the Freda 7" MTB shorts. They are an incredibly comfortable fit, they have super deep pockets, and are made of extra light but durable material. I went with the Forest Fungi pattern, but if I were to buy all patterns in one product, it would have to be this one for sure!


Nicole Ecuador

Top Pick: My favorite product is the Freel shorts! I've put them through the ringer and they never show wear. They stand up to everything. Plus, they come in the most fun patterns and I always get compliments on the trail!

Second Pick: The Freyah Pants! These are my new got-to bike park pants, shuttle pants and cold weather riding pants. They fit SO well, breathe well while pedaling and are a heck of a lot cuter than your average bike pant.


Alix Skiing

Top Pick: The Evie Raglan- it is one of the best base layers I've ever owned. I love the thumb holes, it fits great over the shoulders, wicks moisture and is so good looking that it can be worn out on the town.

Second Pick: The new Freyah Bike pants are a close second. The fit in the back is sleek and fits my small waist while still giving great movement over the butt and thighs. I'm excited to wear this in colder weather!


Lucy Skinning

Top Pick: The Freyah Bike Pant! These are a DREAM. I wore these all fall while mountain biking and dirt biking, and can see myself wearing them on the Nordic track this winter with my dog Rustler. They are comfortable, move well, breathable, and water resistant!

Second Pick: The Jane Legging - I live in these all winter. They are the perfect thickness and the merino keeps me extra warm. I put them on in the morning before skiing and don't take them off until its time to go to bed. I've even gone to après in them!


Jen skiing

Top Pick: I recently got the Evie Raglan women's base layer top. Not only is the fit extremely flattering, but the fabric feels like butter. It's the perfect weight - not too hot, not too cold; it breathes well, and it doesn't get stinky! This will be my go-to base layer this winter without a doubt!

Second Pick: My second favorite Wild Rye product is the Freel Bike Short in Wild West. Truly, this is my favorite product in the summer, but since we're heading into winter, I'm ranking it #2. All the prints are amazing. They're just detailed enough to add some personality but not so overdone that it's obnoxious. The fabric is extremely durable, yet still manages to maintain it's comfortability. I also love that the sizes are numeric instead of small, medium, large, etc. It allows for a much more personalized fit!


Kaia Formation

Top Pick: Currently, my favorite Wild Rye product is the Imogene Shacket; you'll be lost in how soft it is. It's super warm but breathable, and you don't have to worry about tearing it like other jackets. It's a mix between a hoodie and a jacket that you didn't know you needed, but you do.

Second Pick: My second favorite product is the Merritt Muscle Tank. It's seriously flattering and comfortable, and is definitely my favorite to work out in and ride in on hot summer days. It's my best friend in the gym, especially during the winter when I spend more time inside prepping for the riding season!


You can shop the full ambassador picks collection here! Be sure to snag your holiday gifts early to avoid shipping delays. We can't wait to see you and your gear on the slopes. #PlayWild 

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