Wild Rye Featured on Katie Couric's "10 Female-Run Businesses to Support on Women-Led Wednesday"

After a hugely successful 4th annual Women-Led Wednesday, we are humbled, grateful, and beyond stoked at the amazing turnout of Women-Led Brands who "showed up" in so many ways on November, 24th 2021. And even more so, at the amount of customers who supported these intrepid women-run businesses during a season that is so driven by bargain shopping and bottom-lines. From Wild Rye founder Cassie Abel, "...I saw [Women-Led Wednesday] as a beautiful opportunity to put competition aside and come together as women in leadership to use our collective voice and stand up for brands that have women at the top.” And this WLW, it was incredible to see a collection of over 500 women-led brands rise to the top!

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And people are taking notice of the movement! Wild Rye is thrilled and honored to get a serious shout out from OG boss-babe Katie Couric in the article 10 Female Run Businesses to Support on Women-Led Wednesday by Ciara Hopkinson on her website under "Katie's Picks." Here's an excerpt from the article about Women-Led Wednesday's inception, the woman behind the curtain (our founder Cassie Abel), and why Ms. Couric included us in her "Top Ten" list!

"After years of working in the outdoor industry, Cassie Abel decided to strike out on her own to make high-performing mountain apparel and accessories that would actually work for women’s bodies. It was something Abel was searching for and simply couldn’t find, so she dove headfirst into making her own. Along with its emphasis on getting more women outside more often, Wild Rye sees sustainability as part and parcel of its business as a whole: The company is certified carbon neutral, manufactures its products at sustainable factories overseas, and uses recycled and eco-friendly materials as much as possible. We like their Tallac Turtleneck, which has convenient thumbholes and works just as well for cold weather runs as it does for lounging or running errands."

Click here to read the full article featured on Katie Couric's website!


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