As we continue to grow and expand our line, we're committed to being inclusive and creating gear for all women-identifying adventurers. That includes bringing you durable and technical options for different budgets. We've updated our flagship shorts, the Freel and Kaweah, introduced a shorter inseam option as well as a high-waisted, world-class Italian chammy! 
To help you select the short that is best for your riding style, your budget and your trail swag, we've created a handy comparison chart to learn more about our full line of women's mountain bike shorts.
88% Nylon / 12% Spandex

WRDuraflex Nylon

This blend is literally indestructible and until now, we haven't found a fabric that merges comfort, durability and breathability so well. Used in the Freel and Freda shorts, the WRDuraflex Nylon (our premium fabric) stretches exactly where you need it to while also feeling breathable, lightweight and durable, for those of us that end up eating dirt often! It will dry quickly when you get sweaty or wet from a creek crossing and has UPF 50 for those hot summer days on the trail. These fit true to size.

90% Poly / 10% Spandex

WRBomber Stretch Poly

This fabric is silky smooth to the touch and the interior has a soft-brushed feel so it doesn't cling to sweaty legs. With slightly less stretch than the Freel's, this poly blend is lightweight and has enough stretch to not restrict movement in the saddle. It's also very breathable for those hot and humid days. Since this fabric runs a little small, we recommend sizing up in these shorts.

80% Nylon / 20% Spandex

WRCountour Nylon

Used in our Alice Chammy, this luxurious nylon/spandex blend has enough compression to hold everything in place without creating sausage legs. This fabric is breathable yet opaque so can be worn as a stand-alone short or under your baggies. It's so comfy, you won't even notice you're wearing a chammy!

What's Your Riding Style?

To help you find the best shorts for your riding style, we took to the bike trails in our backyard to create a playful map. Complete with enduro-style rock drops and parking lot beers, we're confident you'll find your new favorite trail companion.

We collaborated with artist Andrea Slusarski to update our comparison chart. She collects maps and gains creative fuel from looking at the lines and routes that make up different trail systems. Use this legend to find the perfect short for your next hero dirt adventure! 


These enduro-ready shorts are perfect for many different body types and will quickly become you new favorite trail companion. While Nylon is not typical in bike shorts, we used it to make this pair both luxurious and durable at the same time! This shrub-resistant, mud-deflecting workhorse is technical as hell. No compromises here!


You asked for it, we delivered! These shorts share all of the technical qualities of the Freel with a shorter 7 inch inseam. Same fabric, same deep-pockets. Shorter riders rejoice! 


This line is for riders who are more budget conscious but still want our signature playful prints. Made from Poly, which is a more typical fabric, these shorts share many design features with the Freel, such as a side pocket for your phone. It's big enough that you won't notice it while riding. With Poly, we were also able to choose more detailed and colorful prints. Look out for our seasonal updates! 

Alice Chammy

We're dedicated to making a chammy you'll love so we updated this years version to include a shorter inseam, making it more comfortable under your baggies. We use premium compressive nylon so it stays in place and you don't end up with sausage legs. These are versatile and not see-through so you can wear them on the trail, on the trainer or by themselves on a gravel ride. 

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