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We're so proud to be a sponsor and supporter of this amazing event. Here at Wild Rye we're always stoked to hop on board in support of events and programs that encourage women to push themselves, race, and simply spend more time on bikes.

The Trans New England is all of that and so much more. 

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Still not sure? Keep reading for a first-hand account of why you should race the TNE!

All smiles before starting Day 1.

Drenched in sweat, I’m pushing my bike up a steep transfer, fighting some nausea, yet pinching myself thinking, “how lucky am I to be here?!”

Three days into Trans New England (TNE) and I’m high in the hills of Bolton Valley, Vermont. The September sun is shining and the trees are just starting their annual twinkle of reds, yellows, and oranges. It’s the kind of riding day I find myself daydreaming about all year: warm and sunny, and perfectly tacky dirt. I’m still amazed that I am really doing this, when I’ve arrived at the top of the stage and it’s show time again. For a few pedal strokes I’m a bundle of nerves, but soon I’m one with the trail, and back to finding the rhythm of the often rhythmless New England jank.

The slippery and sharp green room of western MA. 

At the beginning of 2023, I was looking for the next big bike challenge and TNE was mildly on my radar. Some friends had completed prior editions of the race and had nothing but praise for the event, but I figured they were better riders than me and I assumed I needed at least a year or two more before I would be ready. Over the summer of 2023 however, there was something about entering TNE that I just couldn’t shake. I was attracted to the idea of long days on the bike, testing myself, and riding incredible trails. TNE is an enduro-style, mtb stage race that takes place over the course of a week. Each day consists of 5-8 timed downhill stages linked together by uphill segments, called “transfers”, which are untimed. In my daydreaming about competing, my mind also raced with questions like: Am I a good enough rider for this? Do I have enough endurance? Am I strong enough? What if I come in last? Can I get over my nerves? Yet there was one question that came across stronger than the rest: what if I am good enough? And with only a couple months until race week, I decided to sign up and find out.

Red Power Ranger reporting for duty

Just a wee bit muddy. Friends don't let friends get into the van dirty.

The race was one of, if not, the most physically and mentally demanding weeks I’ve ever had on a bike, but also positively exceeded all my expectations. Not only did TNE offer a week of riding the best terrain in New England, I learned it also attracted some of the best riders and humans around. Everyone - the volunteers, riders, and organizers - were nothing short of enthusiastic and encouraging all week and were truly what made the event special. I felt especially welcomed and appreciated as a woman partaking in the event. From being offered the opportunity to drop into stages first, to being allowed the time I needed on transfers, to being welcomed into silly night shenanigans (hello mini bike relay races), to being supported by sponsors (shout out to Wild Rye) who see the importance of getting more women involved in the niche area of mountain biking, I felt truly welcomed at Trans New England.

What was also a really unique part of the event was having the opportunity to meet and ride with women I have looked up to for a long time on social media and realizing that they were even more inspiring and welcoming in person. Whomever said “never meet your heroes”, clearly never met rad lady shredders. Even though we were all in competition against one another, I never felt anything short of encouragement all week from the lady crew. The lady camaraderie helped form TNE into an all-around, life-affirming, core-memory experience.

Chitchatting helps the transfers go by quicker.

Friendships grew quickly at the TNE.



This event truly opened my eyes for what I can accomplish when challenged to perform outside my comfort zone. It now feels like sunshine exists where self-doubt once resided. Each trail, each day, each transfer was a new challenge, but as I ticked them off with the help of such supportive folks, my confidence grew. By the end of the second day, there was no doubt I was going to complete the whole race. I wish that all women can have the opportunities to chase their own versions of big, spicy, audacious goals. I saw first hand what accomplishing a big goal like TNE did for me and I want that feeling for all folks. I think events like TNE are a perfect opportunity for women, or really anyone, to find one’s full potential, both on and off the bike.

As the 2024 bike season rapidly approaches, I have new big adventures lined up, including Trans BC Enduro. But this time, my fears of “Can I do this?” have been replaced thoughts of “I can’t wait to do this!” Entering TNE was one of the best decisions I made in 2023, and winning the race was just the cherry on top. It helped show me I am enough, just as I am, yet leaving me hungry for more. I know now that I am capable of beating my wildest expectations.

Photos by Katie Lozancich, Vinnie Moro, Scott Tribby, Brett Protasiewicz, and Katherine Donnelly.

Written by Tina Dutra, 2023 Trans New England Women’s winner
Follow her on Instagram @positivi_tina


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