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Tired of inadequate gear, lack of role models and a thick glass celling, women are rebuilding the outdoor culture and industry for themselves.  

Adventure Journal x Wild Rye Intro

We're honored to be considered a brand—alongside a handful of other female-led brands—that is breaking the mold and pushing the envelope to bring you the gear we all want and need! It's not always easy and not everyone's supportive, but that only fuels our fire even more.  

From the interview:

"'I remember seeing a [social media] comment on an article about Wild Rye and it was some dude that was like, 'These girls sound high maintenance,' when we were talking about creating a better product [for women]...'It was disappointing to read, but it made me want to do it all the more.'" - Cassie Abel, Wild Rye Co-Founder & CEO.

Why bother? Because women deserve better. Our product promise to you is to never compromise on fit, performance and style. We're equally as determined to facilitate supportive communities in the outdoors and help elevate real role models for the next generation.

Adventure Journal x Wild Rye

To read the full article you're going to have to get your hands on the hard copy of Adventure Journal, Issue 13. If you're not familiar with our favorite adventure-inspired quarterly that's beautiful enough to keep on your coffee table for years to come, we highly recommend you check it out. It's filled with beautiful images, thoughtful stories about adventure, art and the outdoors and delicious backcountry recipes. Consider subscribing here

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