Wild Rye Monthly Muse: August

WHAT WE’RE READING | Daisy Jones & The Six

You may have picked up on this one already—Reese Witherspoon certainly has! Not only is it one of her book club selections, she’s also executive producer on an upcoming web TV series based on the book from Amazon Video. The story follows the creation, troubles and smashing successes of a band in the 1970s with plenty of love, heartache and great lyrics to keep you turning page after page. Great beach read! - Krista 

HOW WE’RE RELAXING | Lake Street Dive

With good tunes and a hammock!  A fellow friend and lady shredder recently introduced me to Lake Street Dive. Not only is it great for background music at the office, but the lead singer’s beautiful voice is perfect for a clear mind and relaxation at home…especially when paired with a hammock and a popsicle. - Cassie


Last year I launched a multi-brand campaign to encourage people to support women-led brands through their holiday shopping, in efforts to create a more gender-balanced economic landscape. Why? Because, as of 2015 there were more CEOs named John than women of any name at the helm of S&P 1500 companies. In addition to bringing you beautiful & technical mountain apparel here at Wild Rye, we’ve been working away behind the scenes to make the 2nd Annual Women-Led Wednesday even bigger and more impactful. There are currently over 300 women-led brands involved that we’re so excited to introduce you to. If you have a favorite women-led brands, please send them here to join us or give us a follow at @womenledwednesday to stay updated on what’s to come on November 27, 2019. - Cassie 

WHAT WE’RE LISTENING TO | In Defense of Ignorance Act One, This American Life

We’re late to the game on this one, but now you don’t have to be! This quick podcast tells the story of a “true lie” about a grandmother who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given three months to live and the family who never tells her. We won’t spoil the whole story, but let’s just say the happy ending continues. Even better, it’s now an Indie film starring Awkwafina set to be released in the US in January! - Krista



Everyone needs a break from the daily grind—whether it’s a last minute camping trip or a big-scale adventure. While the pursuit of “balance” sometimes feels like a load of BS, at Wild Rye, we encourage working hard and playing hard whenever we can. 


I was lucky enough to get my summer reset in France! A dear friend, her mother and her aunt decided they wanted to channel their inner Count of Monte Cristo and swim 4.5 miles in open water from Chateau d’If. I know, crazy. But also crazy cool, especially since I got to tag along for the adventure and all the picturesque, delicious coastal/island destinations in between. Let’s just say I left my heart in Porquerolles, a small no-cars-allowed island just 15 minutes off the southern coast. Provençal charm + turquoise Mediterranean water + e-bikes + vineyards + the tastiest food and rosé had me like “Ooh la la!” (But really, the French say that, especially around their children). Highly recommend adding this “Nantucket of the Mediterranean” to your travel bucket list! - Krista

If there's anything in particular that's inspiring you this summer, we want to hear about it. We're always seeking inspiration, new tools to clear our head and adventure ideas. Thanks so much! 


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