Wild Rye's Top 5 Après-Bike Recipes

There is no better feeling than finishing a long ride, changing out of your sweaty chammy and cracking open a cold one on the tailgate! We've taken our favorite ski-season tradition and applied it to our two-wheeled summer adventures.

Check out our five favorite drink and après recipes to bring on your next ride. 

1. Feelin' Fancy Salted Watermelon Paloma


A quick, simple, delicious bevvy you'll want to make all summer long. Made from 5 ingredients (fresh watermelon juice, Florida’s Natural® orange juice, tequila, lime juice, and a splash of sparkling water), this drink will be a hit after your next ride. Get the full recipe here

2. Super Simple, Super Delish Margarita 


To make this Wild Rye staple -- perfected over the years by Wild Rye's founder, Cassie -- you'll need half of a lime, a few tequila shots (we're been loving 21 Seeds tequila lately), lots of ice and bubbly water. Mix, shake and enjoy on your next camping or mountain biking adventure! Here's our quick 5 step recipe to try on your next outing: 

1) Combine ingredients into a shaker

  • A half to a full lime, squeezed 
  • 2 shots of GOOD tequila (We love the 21 Seeds infused tequilas these days. Another option is Correlejo)
  • 1/2 shot of Patron Citron or Cointreau
  • If you’re feeling extra fancy, muddle in some jalapeños and/or fruit (pineapple is a favorite)

    2) Shake with LOTS of ice for 30 seconds.

    3) Pour into a glass of fresh ice and top with plain bubbly water

    5) Drink up and enjoy!

    3. Tried & True Brewski 

    A light beer with a lime is a staple in our office and you'll almost always find some stocked in our fridge; anything from Modelo to Pacifico and Ska Mexican Lager. We also love a good IPA on occasion. If you love beer as much as we do, check out the top craft beer clubs here! 

    4. Pedal Picnic Fancy Charcuterie Boards

    Photo by Leilani Angel on Unsplash

    Pedal picnic, anyone!? We'll always ride for fancy cheese! Seriously, there's not much better after a long ride than a good cheese board with summer sausage, crackers, pretzels and fruit. Sometimes we even like to mix in some peanut M&M's ;) For more cheese board inspiration, follow Cheese By Numbers on Instagram! 

    5. Cheesy Carbs (Nachos)!

    This is a no brainer! After a long ride, there's not much that can beat cheesy carbs or a big o'l burger from your local bar/pub. Here's one of our favorite nachos recipes to bring to the tailgate (though certainly requires some planning ahead). When not inspired to turn on our own ovens for post-ride grub, you'll find us at local Ketchum-favorites Grumpy's or Lefty's. Definitely swing in for a schooner or some monkey fries if you pass through Ketchum!

    Now that we've shared our favorites, we'd love to hear yours! What are your favorite après snacks and local stops after a ride? Tell us in the comments! 

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