Monthly Muse: September

The days are getting shorter, the nights colder, the bike trails are suddenly covered in crispy leaves and all the coziest sweaters are making their way out from underneath the bed. I’m still not sure how it happened, but fall is officially here and I for one, couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Now that we've officially entered October, here’s a little look back to what we’ve been reading, eating, loving, moving and grooving to here at Wild Rye HQ over the past few weeks. 

READINGThe Covenant of Water. It's a big commitment with over 700+ pages but Abraham Verghese weaves time and different families together so beautifully and intricately, we would recommend it as something to take on during shoulder season! If you finish it and love it, read Cutting For Stone, another favorite of ours! 

Covenant of Water book cover

LISTENING – We’ve been on a big audiobook kick recently; here are some of our faves:  The Light We Carry — there's something so soothing about Michelle Obama's voice, she’s just so easy to love. Glossy – the story behind the rise of Glossier and how the brand single-handedly changed the beauty industry in America. It’s an eye-opening insight into business, brand and how truly insane beauty standards are for women, and it’s well worth a read. 

Something about this weather has us leaning into Zach Bryan, Caamp, Noah Kahan and Tyler Childers and also revisiting some old faves like Bob Seger.


WATCHING – Season 4 of Sex Education. The aspen leaves turn golden. Snow slowly accumulating in the mountains. It turns out we really, really love watching fall happen here in Sun Valley. 

FEELING – tired but fulfilled. It feels like we’re hitting some sort of stride and are so excited about all that is to come. We can’t wait to share the many exciting new products and partnerships coming down the pipeline!

image shows two girls in matching fleece sets on a swing set in front of mountains

NEEDING – lots of sleep. more water. daily stretching. 

EATING – soups and fresh-baked bread and lots of roasted root veggies. It seems like the team is finally settling in (for a brief moment at least) after a crazy summer of travel and events. We’re all leaning deep into this much-needed slowness by cozying in with some good cookbooks and fun recipes. Our CEO Cassie is leaning on old favorites with this Tuscan Summer Minestrone by Half Baked Harvest while Ren is exploring recipes in her favorite new cookbook, Eating Out Loud

Eating Out Loud book cover

DRINKING – hot cocoa in the mornings and Mexican beers in the evenings. We’re taking advantage of the last few moments of deck season and trying to spend as much time as possible lounging in the sun! 

ANTICIPATING – winter. The first real snowfall. Mornings spent playing in powder and taking meetings on the chairlift. Lighting fires in the evenings. Summer is amazing and we (obviously) love riding our bikes, but there’s just something about the start to winter that feels so fresh and like a blank slate for new opportunities. 

PLANNING – winter trips and events for next year! After a full summer of events and learning, the wheels are turning on how we can show up bigger and better next year. We have so many exciting things planned and we can’t wait to share the schedule! Here’s a preview…think more pop-ups, more group rides, more dance parties, more glitter, more fun, and more community!

LEARNING – that we can’t do it all. Nor do we have to. We’re all just human, and everything falls into place eventually. 

LOVING – coziness. Our new Danner kit. Afternoon tea breaks. Fall bike rides. Our team. Our community. 

fall faves

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