Monthly Muse: November 2021

In our Monthly Muse, take a behind-the-scenes look at what keeps the hard-working women of Wild Rye learning, loving and inspired. We'll talk about books we're reading, videos we're watching, as well as podcasts and music we're blasting in our headphones. We also love to cook, stay on top of current events and discuss creators that make us see this beautiful world we #playwild in through a different lens. We hope what inspires us, inspires you too. Thank you for supporting us, challenging us and inspiring us every step of the way. 


What We're Stoked About

With the weather cooling down and the valley transitioning from fall to winter, there's lots to be excited about! A few of us escaping to warmer weather in the desert of Sedona and St. George (for girls weekend + a mountain bike festival) while others are excited for Baldy to open on Thanksgiving. We're also stoked for Sarah who paddled through her first Class III rapid and Cassie gets to meet her new baby niece! 

What We're Watching

Winter Starts Now Poster

As the snow starts flying, we get hyped for ski season by watching ski and snowboard movies! Two of our favorites this year are: 

'Winter Starts Now' by Warren Miller: This is the 72nd annual film and features more women than ever before. They absolutely SHRED in this film. Sun Valley Ski Patrol also has a segment that features our hometown of Ketchum, which is pretty neat. 

Full Moon by Red Bull: While a bit older, this female-only snowboard movie pays tribute to the history of women's snowboarding and showcases how it has influenced the progression of the sport. 

What We're Listening To

Missy Park

From outlaw country to funky instrumental and podcasts, we've got a lot buzzing through our headphones this month! 

If you're looking for a new podcast about relationships, sex and everything in between, check out Sex with Emily! In this show, Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on topics that have been historically taboo and we always learn a thing or two! 

For a more business focused podcast, check out Missy Park's episode on How I Built This. The owner of Title Nine opens up about starting a business and how she grew it into the powerhouse they are today. 

What We're Reading

Braiding Sweetgrass

This month, we're reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. This book explores the world of botany in the form of Indigenous knowledge blended with traditional scientific methodologies.

Next up on our list is The Responsible Company by Yvon Chouinard and Vincent Stanley. This book articulates the elements of responsible business for our time while exploring how Patagonia shared their knowledge with companies as large as Wal-Mart and as small as the corner bakery. 

What We're Cooking

Cranberry Pot Roast

It's holiday season so to get in the festive mood, here are a few recipes we're whipping up in the kitchen: 

Bourbon Balls: Since the weather has turned colder, it is now bourbon ball season! I have a recipe passed down from my great aunt that is always a crowd pleaser. Butter, sugar, bourbon and chocolate- how can you go wrong?

Granola by Cookie + Kate: One of our favorite recipes that is super quick and easy. You can interchange ingredients to match the season too!

Apple Cider Old Fashioned: This is our go-to cocktail for Halloween! A new spin on an old classic, this is sure to be a favorite at your next family gathering.   

Tomato Feta Pasta: Made famous by TikTok, this recipe is simple and delicious. 

Cranberry Pot Roast - Surprise surprise, it's from Half Baked Harvest. And don't be freaked out by the cranberries. This combo is delicious! 

What/Who We're Inspired By

Notpla Packaging

"The whole team at Wild Rye! It's been a very long year filled with lots of ups and downs and we're far from downtime. Right now we're ramping up for the holidays and simultaneously on-boarding a handful of very big new back-end systems. The team is in "all hands on deck" mode and really working hard to take our brand to the next level!" - Cassie Abel

In addition, we are inspired by Quannah Chasinghorse. She is one of the most unique individuals that has gained attention in decades. She is true to herself and her roots and brings that energy to help revive a very outdated and very stale fashion world. 

Lastly, we are SUPER inspired by the company, Notpla. They make packaging from seaweed, so it biodegrades (in weeks!), is planet friendly to make, and extremely innovative! Nothing gets us more jazzed than learning about companies working to reduce the amount of plastic in our world! 

How We're Relaxing

We're not always good at slowing down but when we do, we go fly fishing, dipping in local hop springs and cozying up next to the fireplace. 


Don't forget to support your favorite women led brands on the global holiday, Women Led Wednesday, which takes place the day before Thanksgiving!

Thanks for catching up with us this month! We'd love to hear what inspires you and see what you're up to. Tag us @Wild_Rye_ on IG to share the fun!    

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