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How are you feeling after last nights presidential debacle? As was made abundantly clear during the first debate, it's an incredibly pivotal time in our country and this election has stakes higher than ever before. As a brand for womxn that believes in equality across the board and with an urgent passion for protecting the places we play, we're inviting you to join us to fight like hell to get people elected who believe in women's rights, are anti-racists and will work to protect the places we play like never before. Who's with us?
For those of you based in the USA, we’re inviting you to #FullSendTheVote with us and help take action as a lead up to this November's election. 

Four ways you can help and be rewarded with Wild Rye gear:
  1. Donate + post a photo / screenshot of your donation and share it via social media tagging @wild_rye_ and #FullSendTheVote
  2. Write post cards / make phone calls to people in swing states + post a photo of you taking action and share it via social media tagging @wild_rye_ and #FullSendTheVote
  3. Become a poll worker and prove it with a photo tagging @wild_rye_ and #FullSendTheVote
  4. Get three friends to join the #FullSendTheVote campaign and take action and prove it with a photo tagging @wild_rye_ and #FullSendTheVote
Anyone who actively participates will receive a #FullSendTheVote deep discount on and will be entered to win one of several head-to-toe kits from Wild Rye AND the opportunity to feel damn good that you played an active role in protecting our democracy.

Want more information about how to activate? Here are a couple we're taking action with:
A few other resources we've loved:
  • the Skimm: General election Information distilled in a way that it's easier to digest
  • POW Action Fund: A guide book about who to vote for to protect our planet
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund: If you believe in access to birth control and healthcare for all women
  • Emilys List: If you want to see more pro-choice women in office
Thanks for joining us so we can get back to #Play(ing)Wild soon.

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