A BTS Sneak Peek at our Spring '22 Collection

We're getting ready to launch our Spring '22 mountain bike collection (dropping next week*), and wanted to share a little behind the scenes sneak peek about what you can expect! Inspired by getting out of dodge and off the beaten path, we think you're going to LOVE the newest patterns and colors.

To share a little more about the process of launching a new collection and the inspiration behind this particular season, we interviewed founder and CEO Cassie Abel about where the inspiration comes from. Check it out below! 

The Inspiration behind the Spring '22 Collection

How early do you start planning a new collection?

We typically start planning a new collection 18-24 months in advance of launch, which generally involves having to get out a crystal ball and forecast the colors and looks we think you’ll want in the next two years. It’s a fun process!

Where do you usually search to get inspired? Or does it just come to you?

We pull inspiration from all over the place. Our designer spends a lot of time scouring runways and what’s happening in couture and then creatively applies that to our mountain lifestyle looks. We also draw a lot of inspiration from architecture, interior design, and the natural landscape. When it comes to our signature patterns, I often draw ideas from the ups and downs of my own life! 

When you plan a collection, is there usually a theme that runs through the line?

We try to have a common thread especially as we grow, it’s nice to look back and see a cohesive aesthetic that says “Wild Rye.” That said, we always try to create new and fresh prints, colors, and silhouettes that appeal to diverse tastes. We love florals so there’s a good chance that they’ll always make an appearance in our collections! We also can’t help ourselves and love a good critter doodle, but again, we like to include options for those who want something a little more subdued (obviously still with some of that fun, Wild Rye character).

What was the inspiration for this upcoming collection?

As I mentioned above, I take a lot of inspiration from what’s happening in my personal life. In this particular upcoming season, a lot of it has to do with my desire to travel and adventure, while being housebound with a very small baby in the middle of a pandemic! Which ultimately led to a  sort of a “stray from the beaten path”-inspired Spring collection combined with how we were coping with quarantine: House Plants and Road Trips!

Why Mexico for the Spring ’22 photoshoot location? 

This January was our first opportunity to really get out of dodge. Peaking for our team at the office, we’ve all been seriously getting that travel itch. Oaxaca came together pretty organically and it was a perfect complement to the vibrant, nature-inspired palette and travel theme for the 2022 collection.

Stay tuned for our spring '22 Mountain bike collection, dropping next week*!

 *We're at the mercy of the supply chain shenanigans (spring threads are warehouse-bound as you read this!) Cross your fingers and stay tuned.

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