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This January we're celebrating our love for the backcountry here at Wild Rye. And, the first steps to skiing uphill are proper safety and awareness as well as using the right gear. So, we'll be sharing our "Backcountry Basics" 3-part video series with Wild Rye Pro-Team members Lucy Sackbauer (@lucysack) and Nicole Jorgensen (@the.alpen.impulse), who will answer your most BURNING questions about getting started in the backcountry—from what gear you need, how to find your local resources, to what's in their packs.

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In Episode 1, Nicole and Lucy answer the important question: what comes first, getting the gear, or taking a class? The answer to that question is in order to safely enter the backcountry, you'll need gear like a beacon, shovel, and probe (along with your backcountry ski or snowboard setup), and you'll need to know how to use them! Taking a class with your equipment is essential to get started. Classes can range from a "Backcountry Basics" course to your Avy 1 and Avy 2 to your Pro 1 and Pro 2, once you're at an expert level. They also offer some helpful websites like using your local avalanche center, the AIARE website (American Institute for Avalanche Research), or SheJumps as great online resources to find classes and learn about your local snow conditions.


You've got the gear. You've taken a class. Now what? Practicing in a controlled environment (like your local resort), using local resources, and finding your backcountry buddy are key to a good (and safe) time in the backcountry. Wild Rye pro-team members and badass backcountry babes Nicole Jorgenson and Lucy Sackbauer are back to answer your questions about getting out there in the second part of our Backcountry Basics series. Check it out! If you have questions, drop ‘em in the comments and tag @the.alpen.impulse and/or @lucysack.


What’s in your pack? Wild Rye pro-team members and badass backcountry babes Nicole Jorgenson and Lucy Sackbauer are back for the third and final installment of our Backcountry Basics series. In this episode, they'll discuss what they wear and pack for an awesome day in the backcountry (most importantly, snacks.)

What to wear/bring:

- Wild Rye Baselayers for temperature regulation
- Ski socks
- Snow pants/bibs
- Thin puffy, a shell, and maybe a big puffy
- Buff or neck protection
- Brimmed hat
- A beanie
- Thin & thick gloves

Gear to pack:

- Beacon, shovel, probe
- Boots, skis/splitboard, poles
- First aid kit (Key items: Voile strap(s), rescue blanket, ace wrap, lighter)
- Tool kit
- Repair kit (fire starter, tape, hand warmers, extra batteries for beacon)
- Garmin InReach Mini
- Snacks
- Headlamp

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