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We get it, it's winter. But we also know that we all have that one friend (or girlfriend, wife, or maybe it's your mom or grandmother) who just can't stop biking. It's all they talk about. They live for their gravel bike in the summer and their peloton in the winter. They're even keen for a snowy spin on the fat bike here and there. We realize they might be a tad crazy, but we also love them more for it. Because of this, we've put together the Biker Babe Gift Guide. Even if you've fully moved on to ski boots and pow turns, you'll still have them covered (in really cute prints) all year-round.

Freyah Bike Pant - $199 

The holy grail of cold-weather bike gear, the impeccably designed and hella cute Freyah bike pants is a no-brainer for the bike-obsessed gal (or, fashion-forward guy) in your life. Complete with ankle velcro and a lower leg zipper for easy access for kneepads or changing, these pants have all of the features to make your winter rides that much better. 

Shop the Freyah Pant HERE.


Holly Enduro Jersey - $95

It's the time of year where you need to plan your layers juuuust so in order to ride that fine line of overheating and freezing. The Holly just so happens to be that unicorn layer that does it all. Pair it with a vest for the (almost) balmy days, a light windbreaker for when you're riding fast, or a puffy for those long, slow slogs. No matter the weather forecast, you'll find yourself reaching for the Holly Jersey for every outing. 

Shop the Holly HERE. 

Lucille Sports Bra - $64

Sure, it's unlikely that anyone will be seeing your sports bra now that it's cold outside. But there's just something so satisfying about knowing how dang cute your unmentionables are. This one's just for you, so treat yo'self (or your friends) to a truly cute and comfy sports bra that goes seamlessly from the road to the peloton. 

Shop the Lucille HERE.

Eleanor Chammy - $109

'Tis the season to ride your stationary, and look (even more) fantastic while doing so. These ultra comfy, ultra cute chammys are made with the highest-quality Italian elastic to ensure you won't have to fuss with the legs while you pedal all the way back around to summer. 

Shop the Eleanor HERE.

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Gnarnia Bike Glove - $59

Have you ever tried to zip up your jacket with frozen fingers? How 'bout tie your shoes? Use your brakes? Buckle your helmet?? You get the idea, we feel very strongly about maintaining the use of our fingers. Which is why we created the coziest bike gloves out there. Pedal (or walk, or skate ski) without fear of losing your digits in our brand new fleece-lined, water-resistant winter gloves. The Gnarnia Glove is the perfect gift for anyone who's circulation doesn't quite get the job done. 

The first step to warm fingers starts HERE.

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