At Wild Rye, we're dedicated to an ethical and sustainable supply chain. We use only premium materials so your apparel lasts a lifetime... and doesn't end up in a landfill.

  • OUR FABRICS:  We take the elements of our supply chain very seriously.  From focusing on recycled materials to researching the highest industry standard for sustainable production, our fabrics meet rigorous environmental and animal welfare standards.  Whenever possible we use Bluesign certified fabrics.  If such  certification is not available, we ensure our fabrics have recycled components.  Similarly, all our merino is non-mulesed, meeting strict animal welfare standards.  You can read more about Bluesign certification here.
  • OUR MANUFACTURING PRACTICES:  We manufacture our products domestically and overseas.  When working with factories in both the United States and abroad, we work to ensure that the labor practices of those factories meet the highest global standards, including fair labor and wage practices.
  • THE HIGG INDEX:  Pioneered by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the Higg Index is designed to help brands assess and improve their environmental impact.  We are actively working to participate in and become compliant with the Higg Index.  Read more about the initiative here
  • CARBON NEUTRALITY: Wild Rye has partnered with EcoCart to enable you to offset the carbon footprint with a positive environmental impact for every single Wild Rye that ships. That means the emissions from manufacturing and shipping your favorite Wild Rye pieces can be made 100% carbon neutral. Just be sure to click the "Make my order carbon neutral" box in your shopping cart. Learn more about the partnership here.
  • PACKAGING: We're not there yet, but we're working on it.  We're wildly working away to find more sustainable and economical ways of safely and securely packaging your goods so they arrive to you sustainable and in perfect condition. More to come here..
  • CAUSES WE SUPPORT:  Here at Wild Rye, we support grassroots organizations devoted to getting more women outdoors.  From the work of SheJumps to local women's races, we devote time, energy, love, and as much money as we can to help other women trying to make a difference in the outdoors. 


Fit & Sizing
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