Hey there! I'm Rachel KimI wear many hats, but most people know me for my work on social media as a photographer and content creator. My current day job is in tech, but in a past life I served on active-duty as an officer in U.S. Army for five years. During that time, I grew a passion for tech, design, photography, content creation, and finding ways to spend as much time as I can in the outdoors. I started freelancing in 2020 and through this, I’ve met some incredible people and have had the privilege of telling the insane stories of individuals and brands through my work. 

When it comes to sports, I was an on-and-off snowboarder my whole life, growing up in the east(ice) coast mountains. In the 6th grade, I broke my collarbone at a local resort, subsequently launching myself into a competitive swimming career that I took with me to college with the initial intent of only doing it for rehab. Despite the tough love, I still thoroughly enjoy a good time on the slopes and still ride to this day.

If I had a preference of bikes or boards though, it would definitely be bikes. I started riding in 2021, where my partner introduced me to the sport. Since then, it’s been a wild ride from partaking in some of my first Enduro races this past year, to finding purpose beyond just“improving my skills as a rider.” I love finding active communities in the biking world, and finding ways to amplify the people that are doing good through my work. Biking has become a big part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Doughnuts or Bagels? Bagels!!!

Home mountain range: Appalachian Mountains, specifically near the Tennessee Valley and Great Smokies. East coast baby!

Fur-Baby: Yes!! I have an Australian Shepherd named Luna, and she is the best adventure partner I could have ever asked for.

Favorite trail (bike), favorite mountain (ski): For biking, I would have to say that Dupont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest have some of my most favorite trails. At Dupont, Burnt Mountain and Ridgeline, and in Pisgah, all of BlackMountain! When it comes to snow, I love going to Stowe, VT and need to make another trip out there very soon!

Go-to aprés beverage: I really love Fruit Smash by New Belgium or just a nice hazy IPA!

Day Job: I'm a software program manager for a tech company, working with all walks of life on a project to get a great solution out the door. I'm also a freelance software product designer, photographer, and content creator. I wear many hats, but I wouldn't want it any other way. 

How do you give back to your community/what are some causes you support? I find a lot of fulfillment in encouraging and introducing the sport of mountain biking to other women. When I first started riding, it was evident that the narrative and marketing of the sport was heavily skewed towards men; I want to find other women in this arena and support them on their riding journeys - wherever they're at. 

Favorite piece of Wild Rye gear? The Keller Crop Tank, easily. Being in Georgia, the summer season can be absolutely brutal so the crop tank tops are my go-to's for summer rides. 

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