Hello friends! I'm Ariel. 


I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up.


I love writing, lurking, biking, skiing, gardening, birding, making bougie cocktails, giving back to my community, curating experiences and stirring the pot.


Donuts or bagels: Both and you can’t make me choose one. I’m *that* person at brunch who orders French toast or something sweet for the table to pair with the savory mains.

Home mountain range: The Tetons

DogNo dog of my own, but plenty of friends and family’s to fill the void.

Fav home MTB trail: Fuzzy Bunny to Jimmy’s to Parallel

Fav home ski run: NE Ridge of Mt. Glory

Go-to aprés drinkSpaghett! (Miller High Life in glass + a shot of aperol + orange. THE BEST.)

Day job: Writer, advocate, event producer, lurker.

Community: I volunteer on Teton Pass in the winter as a Backcountry Ambassador helping to promote sustainable recreation and public safety in one of our area’s most popular backcountry skiing areas. 

Long-time member of Shelter JH, a grassroots organization addressing the housing crisis in Teton County, Wyoming, where I live. 

I have also worked for several organizations and companies in the outdoor industry working to make sports like mountain biking and skiing more inclusive and accessible.

And I support causes like Chelsea's Fund, a Wyoming-based organization enabling abortion access and reproductive health justice, and like Sunrise Movement + POW, two climate activism organizations channeling the collective power of youth and the outdoor state to advocate for a better future. Climate justice is racial, economic and social justice!

Fav piece of Wild Rye gear: My “bikes, baddies, brews & no bans” tee! I’ve worn it so much it’s practically see-through. I also wear my Evie Raglans nearly every day in the winter when skiing. 

Big plans coming up? Honestly, nesting a bit and getting some career pieces to fall into place after a big year of transitions. I might get to go on a ski hut trip in Canada that I’m pretty hyped on, too!

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