Doughnuts or bagels? Chocolate donuts with sprinkles, always.

Home mountain range? The Kachina Peaks (San Francisco Peaks)

Fur-baby? Agassiz (one of the San Francisco Peaks). We call him Aggy for short - he's a two year old golden retriever and my favorite loverboy.

Favorite mountain/trail? Too many to choose from! I love riding and skiing at home in Flagstaff, but I also grew up ski racing in Aspen so it has a special place in my heart. Crested Butte is one of my all-time favorite places to ride bikes, and Strawberry North trail in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest is a masterpiece of a trail.

Go-to après beverage? Spiked Snow Melt! Or chocolate milk... don't judge me.

Day job? I'm an ICU nurse here in Flagstaff, as well as the social media manager for Juliana Bicycles.

How do you give back to your community/what are some causes you support? As an athlete for Juliana Bicycles I get the opportunity to travel to a lot of really fun, cool events like Roam Fest, Sturdy Dirty, Juliana Ride Outs, etc. that bring together women from all sorts of different backgrounds. Through these events I hope that I (and the Juliana brand as a collective) can inspire folks to keep getting out and getting after it on their bikes and in life in general. I was fortunate enough to start my mountain bike career with Juliana - a company that is female led and female focused - so I feel very strongly about working with other companies that have women's programs and/or support events like Roam Fest and Sturdy Dirty for that reason.

Favorite piece of Wild Rye gear? I'm pretty certain my favorite MTB piece(s) are going to be the Freyah MTB pant and the Merritt Muscle tank. I mean honestly, who doesn't love a good muscle tank?

Any fun or big plans for the summer/year? I'll just be riding my little heart out till the snow flies again! This year I've really stepped back from racing enduro full-time, which is going to be a bit weird for me but it gives me more time to go to other fun events with Juliana. I'll be at Sturdy Dirty, but I'm also going to race a 12-hr XC race and 100-mile gravel race here in Flagstaff, as well as the Breck Epic (wish me luck).