What's New For Spring 2019

Big Changes For Wild Rye. We're So Fired Up On Spring 2019 and Beyond!

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From the Mountains to The Mountains

2019 has been nothing short of a wild adventure here at Wild Rye. To kick off the year, we relocated our headquarters from our founding home in California to the breathtaking mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho. We also transitioned leadership and have spent a lot of time learning all the things that go along with that. Why you ask? One of our founders – who we’re eternally grateful for – decided to put her art history PHD to use full-time and is now dropping knowledge on college students across the Sierra mountain region.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

So, we’ve relocated to my (Cassie's) longtime hometown of Sun Valley and added a new partner to the mix, because working with a team is way more fun, keeps me sane and breeds more creativity than going it alone. Learn more about long-time Sun Valley local, mountain-lover, bad-ass businesswoman and now Wild Rye partner, Krista, here.

North America’s First Destination Ski Resort

Why Sun Valley? Pay us a visit and we’ll show you exactly why! Sun Valley boasts 400+ linked miles of single track (700+ if you extend into the Stanley basin), was the birthplace of the world’s first chairlift and has been called home by global brands such as Smith Optics, Scott Sports, Icebreaker and First Lite. So, not only is Sun Valley the ultimate testing ground, but the network of resources right here in our little valley is endless.

Sun Valley Mountain Biking 

What You’ve Been Waiting for! Introducing Spring 2019!

All this change has been filled with challenges, growth opportunities and so much excitement, making this spring season’s line particularly special. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring you new Freels, new sustainably-made accessories and an all-new style short (coming later this summer). Plus, some key carryover styles: the Sandia Adventure Shirt and the Marion Chammy. We couldn’t be more excited to share the Spring / Summer 2019 line with you for the first time.

Wild Rye Spring 2019 Collection

Our Extended Wild Rye Family

As always, everything we do is for you and women like you, our extended Wild Rye family. Women who want to get out there, have fun and be comfortable while adventuring. Women who expect long-lasting and technical products, but desire modern styling. Women who love snack breaks, laughing, time with friends and fresh air. We’ll forever work to grow and improve so YOU can get everything you want out of your outdoor and adventure apparel.

Wild Rye Family

With that, enjoy and feel free to reach out with love, frustration, suggestions and so much more. Your feedback is important to us!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and love and we’ll see you on the trails.


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