Wild Rye Monthly Muse: May

Our colorful notes and anecdotes on everything keeping the ladies of Wild Rye learning, loving and inspired.

These are the things we’re reading and watching. The podcasts and musical tunes we’re blasting through our earbuds. The yummy snacks and recipes we can’t keep to ourselves. The cultural conversations, current events and creative entities making us think and rethink about this big, beautiful world where we #playwild. We want you to know what inspires us. Hopefully, it will inspire you too.

What Speaks to Us: Challenging the confines of femininity...

"We love having manicured nails covered in chain grease and rocking blingy earrings while summiting peaks. I grew up on muddy lacrosse and soccer fields and now spend most of my time on skis or bikes sweating, yet I’ve always loved wearing flashy things (sequins in particular). And my diamond engagement ring. I feel like I finally woke up in my 30s realized I didn’t have to choose sides. Women shouldn’t ever have to decide either/or.  I love seeing media covering this topic and hope that someday my little girl (if and when I have one) will wear her princess dress, bruised and muddy, after getting after it on the lacrosse field or MTB trail. The idea that women need to be defined as girly OR athletic is something of the past. Cheers to embracing your feminine side while getting after it in the snow, dirt, ocean, on the field or wherever your heart takes you. #mudandmanicures" - Cassie A., Wild Rye Co-Founder

Worth a Read: Balancing Adventure, Strength, and Femininity - Adventure Journal 

Worth a Read: Mom's Photos of Girls as Princesses and Athletes Go Viral: 'Our Daughters Do Not Have to Choose - Parents Magazine

What We’re Following: The cheese boards of our dreams…

Cheese plates might be the world’s best snack – whether in the backcountry or in a friend’s living room. We could live off cheese, but we feel far from mastering the artful, beautiful cheese plate. Enter @CheeseByNumbers! The goal: One day, we will actually execute one of these beautiful cheese plates, but in the meantime, this food porn will have to do…

What We’re Listening To: How I Built This

 “Okay, okay, we’re a little behind in our podcasting (and listening to podcasts), but my all-time favorite to listen to is How I Built This. On this episode, Guy interviews the controversial founder, Chip Wilson. I’ve followed Lululemon from close the beginning and love him or hate him, Chip Wilson is scrappy and built one of my favorite brands from the ground up.” - Cassie A., Wild Rye Co-Founder

What We’re Reading: The Skimm, every damn day 

“I roll over in bed pretty much every morning, one eye closed squinting because I haven’t yet put in my contacts to get my 3-minute fix of current events in language I have the attention span to digest.” - Cassie A., Wild Rye Co-Founder 

What We’re Cooking: One Pan Mexican Quinoa

Let’s face it, we don’t have a lot of time…This quinoa dish is a quick and delicious after work meal option. Pro Tip: Sprinkle grated cheese on top while it’s still hot and consider including grilled chicken for some added protein.


What Inspires You? Let us know in the comments below.


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