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It's the time of year to say thanks to the women who make it all happen, our moms. Because when you really think about it, none of it is possible without them. To celebrate Mother's Day, we've partnered with Warren Miller to toast all of the rad moms out there. We love bragging about our mom's, and we thought you might too.  

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Don't know what to say? Here's what our fearless leaders have to say about their rad moms.


Cassie Abel - Co-founder, Wild Rye

For my mom’s 69th birthday, she requested her first set of ski touring gear and for her 70th birthday she took her first heli-ski run.  This woman is my hero. She is the same woman who was in labor for 36 hours to bring me into this world, the woman who taught me how to ski and ride a bicycle. The woman who flew back and forth across the country to cheer on my college lacrosse team during the NCAA playoffs, the woman who showed me how to work hard, travel far and follow my dreams. She is a dancing queen.  She is the person I call if I have news of ANY kind – the good, the bad and the ugly.  This woman deserves to be celebrated!

I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate my mom and all the amazing moms out there: moms-to-be, moms who have passed but are with us always and hopeful, future-moms this week. 

Krista Millemann - Partner, Wild Rye 

My mom met my dad when she was his boss in Sun Valley, and a boss lady she was—from her professional career to her career as mom. She taught me to figure things out on my own with just the right amount of guidance, how to take in the view at the summit of a hike, and how to welcome others—into our home, our hearts, and minds. She was the epitome of courage and kindness as she battled a degenerative disease for nine years. Even as it destroyed her body and mind, she never stopped moving. She never stopped taking in the view. She never stopped loving. Every quiet moment I have outside brings me peace…because I think of her and I thank her for showing me the good life: a life in the mountains, on the trails and on the snow, surrounded by the people I love…plus a glass or wine or three.

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My mom spends most of her time outside. When I was young, she was always gardening and landscaping in the yard (she still is), and taught my siblings and I about all the plants in this domain. She went back to school in her early 30s with two pre-teen daughters, to get a degree in botany, and has worked in this field the last 20 years. She’s the best person to go on a hike with – she can identify every plant and tell you all about its characteristics, preferred environment, and how the native americans utilized it. We also had horses growing up, and I remember going on rides with her, exploring the Nevada desert, and seeing her effortlessly lope her horse while drinking a beer – what a bad ass! About five years ago, she got a bicycle and we’ve been having fun riding together, especially on stretches of the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail. My mom is my hero, my mentor, and one of my favorite people and I am eternally grateful to her for all of her love, guidance, and inspiration.

Coral Taylor May 21, 2019

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