Monthly Muse: May 2021

Take a behind-the-scenes look at what keeps the hard-working women of Wild Rye learning, loving and inspired. We'll talk about books we're reading, videos we're watching, as well as podcasts and music we're blasting in our headphones. We also love to cook, stay on top of current events and discuss creators that make us see this beautiful world we #playwild in through a different lens. We hope what inspires us, inspires you too. Thank you for supporting us, challenging us and inspiring us every step of the way. 

What We're Stoked About


Cassie: Connecting with friends and family, and sharing in the excitement of our growth at Wild Rye. Also, working on a my culmination project, presentation, and pitch for the year-long Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship. Through the fellowship, I've had access to experts in every field of business and 49 other female founders across the country, serving as a mini MBA. I've learned so much from each of these individuals and the program.

Holly: Going to Hawaii!! 

Kami: Being featured on the Wheelie Creative podcast, Outside by Design

Tess: Starting my new job at Wild Rye as our Operations & Production Manager

What We're Watching


Cassie: Miracle - It's one of my favorite movies to go back and watch to get pumped up. I watched it for the first time in college while on a lacrosse trip in Ohio and I had one of the best games of my career the next day. It forever gives me all the energy to take on the world!

Holly: Seaspiracy on Netflix. It was eye opening to learn about ocean pollution and made viewers re-think our ways of living. It's super sad, but good knowledge about what is actually happening with plastic pollution. 

Kami: Girls Gotta Eat Dirt - From exposed rocky ridge lines to loam tunnels deep in the woods to old mining roads, these girls will show you how to have a good time just about anywhere your bike can take you. This short film will get you excited for warmer weather and long days on your bike. 

Tess: "The Great" on Hulu [Warning: explicit] - this show is a satirical, comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great and, even though it is largely fictional, it's fun to watch a young woman learn, grow, and take power of the Russian Empire.

What We're Listening To


Holly: The Allman Brothers Band. I've been feeling nostalgic and it reminds me of college.

Kami: My go-to podcast is True Crime Obsessed. They cover a different true crime documentary every week and break down the evidence in a way that makes you feel like an investigator. 

Tess: My favorite podcast ever is Herstory On The Rocks. Each week, the hosts Katie and Allie, research a famous woman in history and share her life story paired with a custom themed cocktail. It's like a women-specific version of Drunk History that is way more fun, more informative, and leaves you in awe of the incredible women of the world! (Warning: explicit)

What We're Reading


Cassie: The spring issue of Adventure Journal - this magazine is one of the most beautiful and inspiring print magazines out there. I've also been loving the recently revived Mountain Gazette! 

Holly: Unbound by Stef Jagger- it's an amazing story about tracking the world to ski 4 million vertical feet in one year. 

Kami: Revolutions: How Women Changed The World on Two Wheels by Hannah Ross. I just started this book but already love it. Ross talks about women's role in the history of cycling and how women continue to push the sport forward. 

Tess: I just finished "Then She Was Gone" by Lisa Jewell

What We're Cooking


Cassie: I'm a sucker for tacos and this takes tacos to the next level!  You have to try Halfbaked Harvest's Healthier Crunch Wrap Supremes

Tess: A super easy and delicious Greek Souvlaki - Get the recipe here! 

What/Who We're Inspired By


Holly: Going to the gym! I'm usually bad at committing to working out for a long time, but it's making me feel good, happy and accomplished. 

Tess: Lately I've been inspired by Nadine Lehner, founder of the adventure organization Chulengo Expeditions. Back in 2017, I was lucky enough to hike around the Aysen Region of Patagonia with Chulengo Expeditions, and I am always in awe of Nadine's many extreme adventures and accomplishments. She recently completed the first ascent of Cerro Nora, an 8,070 ft extremely remote peak in Patagonia, and the first all-female expedition to the Northern Patagonia Ice Field! So badass!

How We're Relaxing


Cassie: Hawaii!

Holly: Hawaii, baby! Also traveling to see long-time friends and riding my bike to feel alive again. 

Kami: Rode my bike a lot, follow by trips to the hot springs 

Tess: I took a week-long "brain break" before starting my new role with Wild Rye and was able to chill, read, walk my dogs, binge bad tv, and plant some new plants!

Thanks for catching up with us this month! We'd love to hear what inspires you and see what you're up to. Tag us @Wild_Rye_ on IG to share the fun!    

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