Monthly Muse: July 2021

In our Monthly Muse, take a behind-the-scenes look at what keeps the hard-working women of Wild Rye learning, loving and inspired. We'll talk about books we're reading, videos we're watching, as well as podcasts and music we're blasting in our headphones. We also love to cook, stay on top of current events and discuss creators that make us see this beautiful world we #playwild in through a different lens. We hope what inspires us, inspires you too. Thank you for supporting us, challenging us and inspiring us every step of the way. 


What We're Stoked About

Cassie climbing

Summer is here, long nights, iced coffee, scorching heat and all! We're excited for live music, riding more with the crew and meeting new women who send hard. We're signed up for both a local skills clinic put on by Sturtevants of Sun Valley and the Ladies All Ride signature two-day camp in Grand Targhee, Wyoming! 

What We're Watching

LFG poster

LFG -  a documentary that gives viewers an inside account of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team's ongoing fight for equal pay. While not about mountain biking, this film was both inspiring and thought provoking. It gives viewers a true behind-the-scenes look at the pressures of being a top athlete while tackling the courage it takes to create lasting social change. A must watch on our list! 

What We're Listening To

Alex desert riding

Running From The Truth - In this episode of the Outside Podcast, our ambassador Alex discusses her transformational journey that takes place both on and off the bike. Alex is an outdoor athlete who has spent years trying to outrun a secret about herself, only to crash headlong into it. Give this a listen today! 

We've also been listening to the Ride Life podcast. Liz Koch, the host and Doctor of Physical Therapy, has created a community dedicate to fitness and health for women mountain bikers. Her episodes cover everything from glute activation exercises to how to buy a bike to how to improve your trail flow. Check it out! 

What We're Reading

This month, we're reading The Power of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates. In her book, Melinda talks about quitting her job at Microsoft and choosing to be a stay-at-home mom. We highly suggest adding this to your summer reading list! 

What We're Cooking

HBH Salmon

"I'm loving this Lemon Parmesan Salmon recipe from Half-Baked Harvest! I grew up in the PNW so am a total salmon snob - it MUST be wild caught salmon to be worth eating, IMO. This dish was absolutely delish!" - Cassie Abel

It's also tailgate grilling season! We're obsessed with Bovine & Swine artisan meats paired with Revelshine wine for post-ride grub. We highly suggest this pairing for your next big adventure day! 

What/Who We're Inspired By

Sha'Carri Richardson

Sha'Carri Richardson, because we're all human. Her situation is a great example of how athletes occupy a very unique space in the eyes of the American public. Being human shouldn't take away from her awe-inspiring accomplishments. 

How We're Relaxing

Things are heating up at our office! We've taken breaks to read our books by the river, snuggle with our pups, cool off by rafting and paddle boarding and of course we've been riding our bikes as much as possible. 


Thanks for catching up with us this month! We'd love to hear what inspires you and see what you're up to. Tag us @Wild_Rye_ on IG to share the fun!    

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