Cool Hunting: Mountain Biking Gear for Women

No full lycra kits here. This duo makes contemporary, functional clothing.  

"The need for better women-specific mountain biking clothing has long been evident, since the “shrink and pink” concept doesn’t cut it with lady shredders. Although there are more and more options appearing daily, these tend to be polarized with a style of riding—oftentimes resulting in full matching kits. Katy Hover-Smoot and Cassie Abel (experienced in the outdoor industry, having held positions at Specialized Bikes and Smith) founded Wild Rye apparel in order to fill the niche. Hover-Smoot, an avid outdoors woman of average height and build, still struggled to find mountain bike gear that fit, performed well and was aesthetically her style. Abel, tall and athletic, struggled to find anything to fit her. The two created a first collection that has caught the attention of many female mountain bikers looking for form, function and design conscious gear. We spoke with the Wild Rye duo to learn more." - Kate Erwin, Cool Hunting

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