Hi Friends! My name is Aja (not Asia). I’m a New Jersey native, now living in the great state of Texas. I never knew how much my love of BBQ could evolve! 

During the day, I’m a Human Resources consultant where I help brands attract and retain diverse customers and talent. When I’m not building a better workplace, I’m racing my bike and working to grow the participation of women in mountain biking events. I started Empower MTB, to introduce, welcome and fund women to get into Enduro. 

I was adopted by the outdoors  in 2020 during the pandemic. I was a competitive track and field athlete in college, so I'm used to being “outside”, but nothing like I've experienced since being introduced to mountain biking.  When I ride my bike, I disconnect from everything else and reconnect with myself.  I’ve made it my mission to help more women connect with each other and build lasting relationships on and off the bike.

Doughnuts or Bagels?

Donuts make me go nuts :)

Home Mountain Range?
I’m still discovering this

Dog’s name and breed (if applicable)?
Lola; she's a 4yo German Shepard mix. 

Favorite trail (bike), favorite mountain (ski)? 

Bike - Buffalo Outdoor Center, mainly because this course helped to advance my skills in a major way. Terrifying, challenging, and thrilling! I went on a ski trip a couple years ago with friends to Breckenridge and had a great time. 

Go-to aprés beverage?
A cold sparkling water or Champagne but always Champagne! 

Day Job? 

Human Resources Consultant

Causes You Support?
I serve as an ambassador for some pretty cool cycling brands. My mission is to encourage more women to participate in mountain biking by being a familiar face. Most of the marketing in cycling is tailored towards men, so being a face in the industry shows women there is space for them too. I also lead a non-profit, Empower MTB, that encourages women to participate in enduro. 

Favorite piece of Wild Rye gear?

Holly Jersey - I wear this on the trails and on zoom calls. It's perfect for almost every occasion!

Any big plans for 2023?

2022 was quite the year! My favorite moment was saying "I do" to my best friend and adventure partner in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. In 2023, I have my eye on a few bike festivals this year. I'd love to get out there and spread some Wild Rye stoke and connect with more cyclists from all over. I also want to compete in the Sturdy Dirty all women's enduro. I'd love to be able to sponsor a group of beginner riders to participate in the Sturdy Dirty.

I'm also launching a conversation series called the Empower Cycling Network to get to know the fascinating personalities of passionate female cyclists. Through candid conversations, riders will open up about their cycling lifestyle, while also sharing personal stories and interests that drive them on and off the trails. Tune in to get a holistic perspective into what makes these women so unique!

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