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Let’s Get Hyped for Ski Season, BBs.

The last moments of fall always seem to fly by. Mom jeans and cozy sweaters make their way to the front of our closets, our bevys of choice get warmer (and might have whiskey added to them), and our search histories start piling up with ski reviews, puffy jackets, and cute new beanies. This transition to winter can be hard, but one thing that will forever and always get us through the chilly shoulder season is a good ol’ fashioned ski movie premiere.

Year after year, skiers, snowboarders, snow-lovers, cool moms, and lovers of ski fashion scour the internet for the newest hottest ski films coming to a tiny, crowded theater near them. Seeking out the outdoorsy-chic outfits, the raffle prizes, the cheap beer, the steep lines and insane tricks, and the buzz of pre-season excitement that is practically tangible surrounding these showings. 

Here at Wild Rye we’re just as excited about a premier party (and picking out the perfect ski movie outfit – hello, overalls and Tallac turtleneck) as the next gal. Which is why we’re SO DANG PROUD to see FOUR of our pro teamers as leading ladies in some of the freshest ski flicks this season. Lucy Sackbauer, Ingrid Stensvaag, Krystin Norman, and Mali Noyes are the epitome of cool skier girls you want to be friends with (and totally will be because they’re so dang nice). 

To talk about the filming experience, we hit up Lucy Sackbauer– Wild Rye pro-teamer, ER Nurse, badass biker & skier, and dog mom to Rustler—to tell us more about what it’s like to be in front of the lens.

 We’re so excited to have you at the Nexus premiere on October 19th here in Sun Valley! Can you tell us more about the project and the inspiration behind the film? 

Yes! Excited to be there too. Nexus is the brainchild of Shannon Corsi (badass photographer/videographer), motivated by the idea that “just one is not enough.” In other words, in many ski movies, if there are any women at all, it’s often just one. So it inspired the concept of a truly all women’s ski film– both on screen and behind the lens.

My participation in Nexus was thanks to Cassie Abel (founder of Wild Rye and sponsor of the project). Cassie connected me and Ingrid Stensvaag (another WR pro-team member and badass skier) with Shannon to tell a narrative about maintaining work/life balance (we are both nurses) while working in a ski town.

What was a highlight of working on NEXUS?

It truly felt all female — from production to photograph and athletes— and I loved the connections and collaborations that sparked.

This isn’t your first rodeo in the ski movie circuit—what was your first ski movie? How has that experience evolved for you?

My first more “professional” ski movie was Matchstick Productions’ HUCK YEAH. That was an awesome experience because I got to film with a mostly all-women’s team. It was surreal because it was a huge life goal of mine to get into a ski movie but unfortunately, (like many other things that year) COVID cut it short.

It’s evolved in that I've gotten more time in front of the camera and have a better idea of what a “film line” looks like versus a regular ski line. It really showed me the benefits of camaraderie with other athletes. Those earlier experiences really let me cut my teeth and show me “what the people want” – so to speak– and are stoked to see in a ski film.

We know you’re also in the MSP Film coming out this year. What is that film about? 
ANYWHERE FROM HERE will be my third MSP movie. It is told through the eyes of a 12-year-old freestyle phenom starting out his ski career and shows the possibilities that lie ahead. My part in the film was filmed in Canada with Stellar Heli at Sentry Lodge. For the first 10 days, I was the only girl and the second ten days, another woman joined me up there.

 Now that you’ve done both: what is it like being in an all-women ski film versus being the token gal?

I would say I loved the experience of being in an environment with all-women. It’s just amazing because when you see another girl do something, it makes it feel more achievable versus when you’re out there with guys, it’s easy to say…There’s just more possibility when you’re filming with all women. The communication styles are really different and there’s just an inherent comfort expressing yourself and feeling so supported. 

Any other exciting projects you have coming up that you want to talk about?

There is something in the works for another all-ladies action film…I have to keep my lips zipped on this but I'll be working on it this winter! NEXUS really inspired us to keep pushing in the all-women’s sphere, and we’re excited to share what’s next!

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written by: Ren Egnew

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