Sedona: the mountain bike and energy vortex capital of the southwest

Sedona, AZ: known for expansive redrock vistas, endless hiking and mountain bike trails, crystal shops, palm readers and a unique energy vortex, this funky little desert town offers even more than initially meets the eye.

If you’re a mountain biker in the West (or anywhere, really), Sedona is likely on your “must-do” list. Well, you’re in luck — we had a chance to check it out for our Spring/Summer ‘24 shoot this January — and it freaking ruled. If you’re looking for an excuse to take a little break from the cold, get some sun and slickrock, we have some great recs for you!

Sedona is so much more than the typical desert that you’re probably picturing in your head right now. While it does have some of the most spectacular sandstone formations and vistas, it is also crisscrossed by streams offering plenty of water to support the cactus, juniper, pine and even oak trees that cover this unique landscape. In some places you can go from hot sandstone surrounded by cactus to a crisp creek beneath oak trees in a matter of minutes. If that doesn’t offer range, I don’t know what does.

We stayed at the Red Agave Resort, which is the PERFECT spot if you’re into bike-in, bike-out access, friendly staff, cute-as-heck cabins, hot tubs, and easy access to excellent food. While not technically in “downtown” Sedona, the town of Oak Creek offers all of the good food and trail access with far less of the bustle of Sedona proper. Only a 10-minute drive from the crystal-shop-lined streets of downtown, Red Agave is definitely our top recommendation for your stay in Sedona. 

Now, onto the most important things. With over 250 miles of singletrack, Sedona has biking for every skill level and every interest. Not only is there literally a lifetime of riding, you can also connect all three of the “main” downtown zones via these trails. Meaning you could feasibly get all around Sedona without a car. I wouldn't recommend it —there’s so much good riding you’ll really want to save your legs for iconic trails like Hiline, Hangover and Mescal —but it is possible.

We managed to get a good bit of riding in between shooting, and can confirm that the tech is as good as Moab, and the dirt is somehow loamy and tacky, even after it rains!

I think my face in this photo really says it all. The riding is REALLY good. 

If hucking yourself down steep, techy terrain isn’t really your thing, there’s still a million things to do in Sedona. The expansive views, hiking, and gravel riding are spectacular, the food scene is top notch, and the margs are (pretty much) to die for. Or, go get your aura color and palms read. Here’s a list of some of our favorites things:

Best Coffee: Free Form Coffee Roasting
Favorite Dinner: Dellepiane OR Mesa Grill if you’re looking for some VIEwwwWS.
Best Bike Shop: Thunder Mountain Bikes
Drinks: Molé Sedona (try the mezcalita, trust me) 
Best Breakfast: Local Juicery OR Indian Gardens Cafe

So if you’re looking for your next bike getaway or just a plain ol’ getaway, be sure to add Sedona to your list - and maybe just bump it right on up to the top.

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