Monthly Muse: May

I don’t know about you all, but the recent sun, warmer temps and longer days have us feeling some type of way. With all this extra daylight, I thought it would be a fun activity to bop around the office and see what the rest of the Wild Rye crew has been up to and enjoying lately. Working at Wild Rye is so much more than a job. It is a family (arguments, boisterous happy hours and all) and with this little work family comes shared joys, books, advice, adventures, home-cooked treats, and so much more. This monthly muse is our way of spreading this family love a little wider and sharing a bit of us with you. :) 

What is stoking your fire this month? Could be at work, at home, in the backcountry—whatever.

Lauren: The snow melting!

Kendall: I loved getting the opportunity to slow down and work on an art project that had me fired up for our Wild Rye graphic tees that I hope everyone loves. I get really energized at work and in life by thinking of an idea and seeing it come to reality, especially if I think other people will like it too!

Cassie: The sunshine! And returning home from a really energizing trip to SeaOtter to mix and mingle with all our rad customers and industry friends!

Colin: I wore sandals yesterday so it's basically summer. Ready to get on the bike and explore some new roads!

Shannon: warm weather and starting to see green grass poking through! more daylight for afternoon bike rides with the family!

Dara: Spring skiing! While it's looking to be a short lived corn season, as it's heating up quickly, I've got a couple lines I'm hoping to do before putting the skis away for the season.

Ren: Spring storms, high water, and finally being able to bike everywhere!

Mariah: I've been fishing and getting out on the river! It's so fun to experience spring/summer in Sun Valley for the first time. 

What are you listening to? (podcast, audio book, music, whatever) Feel free to share why you're into it.

Kendall: Just started Brandi Carlile's memoir Broken Horses and am loving it so far! Also, lots of Catwalk bangers planning our playlist for the Juliana x Evo Launch party. And always TSwift.

Cassie: The Daily Podcast - quick episodes to go deeper into the biggest news of the week. I also always have Brandi Carlisle in the mix. She has a great range of sound plus she's a Seattle area native, so that's nice.

Shannon: T swift in anticipation of the concert in August! Making sure I know all the ERAS!

Dara: have been hitting Beyonce's Rennaissance hard lately. Also spring/summer make me bust out Sturgill Simpson and Turnpike Troubadours.


What are you reading? (Book, article, etc.) — Don't hesitate to share what it's about and why you do/don't love it

Lauren: I'm rereading Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. There are chapters in this book that make me laugh out loud while I am reading.

Kendall: Just finished The Marriage Portrait and onto Black Cake!

Cassie: Lessons in Chemistry (I'm late to the game, but highly recommend it if you haven't yet read!)

Shannon: Lessons in Chemistry

Dara: I'm a few years behind lol, but just finished Barack Obama's A Promise Land. Am about to finish Michelle Obama's Becoming. In the middle of Tori Dunlap's Financial Feminist. At the beginning of Kim Stanley Robinson's Ministry for the Future.

Ren: I just finished reading Great Circle. I'm slowly working my way through The Dawn of Everything, and I’m doing my seasonal re-reading of When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams. 

Anything you've been cooking up that's been extra tasty or fueling your adventures? If possible, include a link to the recipe/snack!

Kendall: I only eat pizza lately.

Cassie: I've been on a stir fry kick - a super fast way to get in lots of veggies with tofu as my protein! Time is precious and I've bene hating meal planning / shopping / spending more time than i need in the kitchen so quick 20 minute stir fry with rice has been in frequent rotation!

Dara: NYT Cooking recipe: One-pot Ginger Salmon and Rice

Ren: I’m almost always on some fun food kick, but recently I’ve been making a lot of asian noodle dishes and experimenting with baking all types of bread.  

Lauren: I've been inspired by my recent trip to Morocco - here's a moroccan chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemons that's stolen my heart recently

How did you give yourself some self-care this month? Anything you can share about how you reset/treated yo' self?

Kendall: I paid someone to clean my house.

Keeley: Really been diving into the Mountain Fit workouts, and it has been awesome! Feeling stronger every day!

Shannon: Pedicure to get those toes ready for the season!

Dara: Making time to journal in the morning while I drink my coffee <3

Ren: Making time to run daily. It’s always so fun to remember what the trails look like and see all the flowers blooming. I’ve also made a a point to do some form of art daily again, which has been a nice way to slow down.

Were there any adventures that energized you this month? (Doesn't have to be aggressive—could be a day ski/bike to work/aprés with your friends or a hot spring you went to)

Kendall: Rode my e-bike to Grumpy's in the sun!

Keeley: I finally got to see Shania Twain and it was epic!

Cassie: Got in one last skin up dollar mountain in the back yard - no consequences, highly social! Packed a picnic blanket and a couple modelos to sit on the top and soak up the top and take in the views of our rad little mountain town!

Colin: The drive over Stevens Pass to Leavenworth was great. I love a good road trip and hadn't driven that way in more than 10 years. Love the mountain views getting inspired for hiking and biking later this summer.

Shannon: Spring Skiing with my 9 yr old at the small local hill Rotarun that extended it's closure by a few weeks with all the snow. it was 70 degrees and everyone was tailgating and enjoying the sun with dogs, kids, bbqs with music blaring and the T bar firing!

Dara: I rode roads in Yellowstone (West Yellowstone to Mammoth) before they opened to cars for the season. Road-tripped to Seattle and Bellingham and got first days on the meowtain bike for the year. had the best time catching up with friends along the way and riding old/new trails. Had a super chill and warm spring ski in Teton National Park. Turns out if you sleep in and wait until the heat of the day -- you'll sweat more, but get the place to yourself. Lol.

Ren: I’ve been getting back on the river in my kayak which is always the best part of spring for me. 

Mariah: I took a big road trip up the coast of California and Oregon and spent a lot of time camping and riding my bike by myself!

Anything else that has you feeling jazzed?

Kendall: Feeling really excited to have bike season right around the corner. When Baldy closes, I feel like it's always this major emotional and physical reset and you clear up space in your head to reorganize and re-think things. Your space, your time, etc.

Keeley: The snow melting :)

Colin: Got a new bike so I'm officially joining the N+1 team

Dara: New job and all the new babe co-workers. Woop woop!

Ren: I'm heading (back) to Mexico next week for surfing and a bachelorette party!



xx Ren & the Wild Rye Team

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