monthly muse: june

After a few cold and rainy weeks it’s nice to feel like summer is actually starting here in the intermountain west. Luckily the rain hasn’t been all bad - it’s led to one of the most spectacular wildflower months I’ve ever seen in Idaho and kept the hills green and lush far longer than they usually stay in Sun Valley. Here at Wild Rye we're just enjoying the brief moments of calm amidst the chaos of summer. Follow along to see what we're getting up to! 


What is stoking your fire this month? Could be at work, at home, in the backcountry—whatever.

Lauren: Fishing season is open for the summer!

Cassie: Getting back on my bike with my favorite riding pals after a veryyyyy long winter and wet spring. The insane amount of green and wildflowers are really just elevating it even further! 

Abbywork: joining the wild rye team! I am just stoked to be here and feel like I couldn't have landed in a better spot professionally. It's been an awesome first few weeks and I am loving my new job!

home: moving into a studio apartment that is reminiscent of a modern chic treehouse.

outdoors: riding the trails that i can bike to from my front door (amazing!) on my first ever full suspension, legit mountain bike (thanks Cassie!), and exploring nearby crags when the weather is dry enough, which has been rather infrequently haha (hello stormy spring--unpredictable weather, rainy days, shifting skies, gorgeous wildflowers, vibrant green hills, and plentiful rainbows!) 

Kendall: Super excited to be back on my bike! We may be a little late this year, but stoked on the trails with all the rain we've been having this spring.

Shannon: the wildflowers! It is so green and gorgeous out!

Ren: Longer days and being able to get out for long adventures after work! Fresh veggies and garden salad season. 


What are you listening to? (podcast, audio book, music, whatever) Feel free to share why you're into it.

Cassie: I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm so excited to listen to the Tory Burch episode of How I Built This. After being a Tory Burch Foundation fellow in 2020, I've gaied huge admiration for Tory and how she's thoughtfully grown her business over the last several decides. (Ren, please wordsmith!)

Abby: lots of instrumentals lately

Kendall: "Atomic Habits" bc always room for improvement but also a lot of Florence + The Machine / Greta Van Fleet

Shannon: We can do hard things- Gelnnon Doyle & Lots of the daily

What are you reading? (Book, article, etc.) — Don't hesitate to share what it's about and why you do/don't love it.

Lauren: Lots of Buzzfeed lately as a guilty pleasure.

Abby:A Place in the World: Finding the Meaning of Home” by Frances Mayes

Kendall: "Black Cake" by Charmaine Wilkerson, really liking it

Shannon: Trying to finish Daisy Jones & the six before I binge the show!

Ren: “Horse” by Geraldine Brooks

Anything you've been cooking up that's been extra tasty or fueling your adventures?

Abby: i've just been enjoying getting creative in the kitchen and making up new recipes on the fly with whatever i have on hand. I've been especially inspired by spring harvests such as asparagus and fennel

Kendall: Still mostly eat a combo of Grumpy's, La Cabanita, and frozen pizza

Ren: I’ve been on a sushi handroll kick. It’s the perfect easy but delicious dinner, and a fun activity! 

Keeley: I made this crumb cake the other day and it was amazing! 

How did you give yourself some self-care this month? Anything you can share about how you reset/treated yo' self?

Lauren: A much needed pedicure.

Cassie: I've been focused on strength training this month - as I get older (officially in my 40s now - eeks), I'm trying to pay closer attention to what feels good rather than pushing myself to exercise just to stay fit. The Mill (local woman-owned exercise studio) in Ketchum has been my mental (and physical) health haven for years now!

Abby: gardening, journaling, feng-shui-ing (not a proper gerund, i know), cooking/eating, sleeping, biking, climbing, running, spending time with friends, and treating myself to some new outdoor gear (my primary guilty pleasure haha)

Kendall: Lots of rainy afternoon Saturday naps!

Shannon: mani pedi!

Ren: Some hot spring r&r between kayaking days

Keeley: Laying out in the sun by the river after work.

Were there any adventures that energized you this month? (Doesn't have to be aggressive—could be a day ski/bike to work/aprés with your friends or a hot spring you went to)

Lauren: I tried mousing for the first time, which is fly fishing with a large dry fly that typically emulates a vole or mouse running across the surface of the water. It was slightly terrifying yet exhilarating to be standing in Silver Creek at 1am casting my fly into the dark and hoping for the best. You become much more aware of your other senses!

Cassie: Spending time in the Sawtooth mountains with Sawyer, my 3-year-old is the best. Weekends filled with micro adventures to beaches, strider biking, min-hikes and watching the little guy discover his own love of the outdoors - usually while wearing his favorite blue princess dress.

Abby: Quigley loop laps, the commute ride from Hailey to Ketchum, hikes up Carbonate, my WFR recert, and a trip to Redfish Lake 

Kendall: Feeling super energized by my weekly girl gang ride being back on. Those rides (but ok, mostly the aprés) are my lifeblood! 

Shannon: I did a quick San Diego getaway with a girlfriend- a little time at the beach mixed with some city life (for us small town folks) and so so many tacos!

Ren: I’m playing in the coed soccer league this summer and our first game was so fun! It’s nice to meet new people and remember how much I love team sports. 

Anything particularly inspiring you this month? – anything goes: a person, a TED talk, a current event, etc.

Abby: The birds singing outside my window have been inspiring!

Anything else that has you feeling jazzed?

Kendall: So looking forward to our company retreat at the end of the month!!!

Ren: My brother is coming to stay in Idaho with me for the summer! I’m excited to get out for some long runs and show him my new home 

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