Behind the seams: Spring 2024

What is sense of place? 

How are we connected to the landscape around us?

How do the places we visit change us? 

How do we define who we are?

Why do we have to define who we are?

These are just a few of the questions we asked during the creation of this line. Each and every one of us has different pasts, experiences, places, and stories that have shaped who we are and how we see the world. Places, in particular, hold the stories and connections that are paramount in who we become. Our 2024 Spring Collection draws inspiration from those places, be it ones we yearn to explore, the ones we imagine, or the ones we call home. 

As we evolve as humans, the places we are drawn to change over time—offering different escapes and showing us different parts of ourselves. Whether it’s the time of year or the time of our life, we may feel more drawn to the salty expanse of the ocean, rugged high alpine peaks, or the warmth and grit of the desert.  

We wanted this line to reflect that and for each piece and pattern to feel like a trip that changed your life or one you can’t wait to go on. As an avid traveler and cultivator of experiences, our designer Kelsey Van Patten’s spirit of exploration is the heartbeat of this season's designs. She uses her travels as inspiration for the designs and drawings that ultimately become a Wild Rye product line. 

From the expanse of the high alpine, to the rugged desert, to the lavish coasts of the Mediterranean, each piece in our Spring 2024 collection is meant to evoke a longing to expand our horizons, while remaining grounded in the places we know and call home.

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