Emily Tidwell is a Skier, Adventurer, Photographer, based in Reno, Nevada. Growing up in Southern Minnesota, Emily found her love for skiing on 400 ft vert. Moving to Northern Minnesota and joining the ski team only fueled her love for skiing. Her first powder day was at Jackson Hole ( Minnesota doesn’t exactly get “powder days” and she never looked back. That passion eventually landed her on the west coast, floating around in search of the best terrain, best snow, and the most fun she could find. As a teenager, Emily dreamed of becoming a Ski Photographer. Now, Emily travels the world in pursuit of her dream. She has been published internationally and worked with major brands. 

  • Doughnuts or Bagels? ummmmm, so I’m kinda a glutton if I actually eat breakfast, so better make it a bakers dozen of doughnuts. Maple glazed and plain cake, please.
  • Home mountain range? I grew up skiing the lesser known Sawtooth Mountains in Northern Minnesota! Views of Lake Superior for days! Now, I ski the Sierras and call Lake Tahoe my home.
  • Fur-baby? Cora The Explorer! She’s an Australian Shepherd, cute and smart. Maybe too smart, perhaps too cute.   
  • Favorite mountain? Mountains? Ahh, I can’t pick one! Revelstoke, Jackson Hole, Squaw Valley, in no particular order. Each one of them posses a trait that made me wanna be a skier. Rawness, legend, and ultimate fun. I really couldn’t choose. 
  • Go-to aprés beverage? A fine, crisp, PBR. Or an Aperol Spritz, when classiness calls. Or Fernet, when a shot ski calls.

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