Wild Rye is dedicated to welcoming new women into mountain biking in addition to serving those who already shred on snow and dirt at the highest levels. We're excited to partner with shops looking to do the same.

When speaking with prospective dealers we're extra excited to learn how you go out of your way to welcome new people into your shop, especially women. If you're looking for opportunities to be more welcoming to women, we're here to help!

Behind the Brand

Based in Sun Valley, ID, Wild Rye is fueled by strong, hardworking and FUN women. We crave amazing adventures, equality for all, the occasional hydrating face mask, and a cold beer. 

Our Mission

To bring women beautiful and technical mountain apparel that inspires confidence and gets more women outside.

Our Product Promise

We will never compromise on fit, performance and contemporary style. 

Who We're For

We're dedicated to welcoming ALL women into the outdoors.  We aim to be welcoming and approachable, but our product is built to perform at the highest level, so we serve those who are gunning for podiums and summits, equally.