Hi Folks! My name is Annie. I’m originally from Washington state, now living in the Natural state, Arkansas.

From 9 to 5, I’m a merchant for Walmart... you may have heard of it! I buy for the Yarn and Needlecraft categories in the Arts and Crafts Department.

I found bikes 3.5 years ago while I lived in Little Rock, AR. At the time I was running competitively but continually experiencing knee injury due to various knee issues. I’ve always loved the outdoors and have been passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle whether that was running, climbing, hiking, mountaineering. I remember being devastated after being told my competitive running days were over. For me running was a very individualistic sport and the same could be said about cycling but shortly after interacting with the cycling community in LR I felt like this community was special and more inclusive than what I’d experienced in other sports. I was reluctant to try riding because I didn’t believe it would challenge me as running had. I discovered that it was challenging because I could cover more mileage and see more by bike. I fell in love with the community of people and the physical grit aspects about riding a bike. The last year of living in Bentonville has ignited a new passion for community building within the gravel cycling community through starting the NWA Gravel Collective and also introduced me to mountain biking. I am excited to progress and learn more about this type of riding, hope to see you out on the trail!


Doughnuts or Bagels? Donuts please!

Home mountain range? Boston Mountains and Ouachita Mountains, come ride with me!

Dog’s name and breed (if applicable)? I don't currently have a fur baby but I would love to have an Irish Setter or Australian Shepherd.

Favorite trail (bike), favorite mountain (ski)? I started mountain biking a little over a year ago, I have enjoyed riding trails in CO and NM! I would love to explore Canada and Utah next!

Go-to aprés beverage? I really love Spindrift sparkling water if we are talking about NA drinks. Champagne is a MUST!

Day Job? I am a merchant for Walmart.

Causes you support and/or How I engage in my community? My goal with cycling is to advocate and build an inclusive and diverse space in cycling outside of the traditional masculine-focused groups. I continue to seek opportunities that allow me to encourage others to get out, be active and enjoy/explore the incredible planet we live on!


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