As we grow, we're committed to being as inclusive as possible. That commitment includes bringing you the best possible option for different budgets. As we introduce our first low(er) price point short, the Kaweah, you'll see some changes from our ever-popular Freel—most notably in the fabric. 

To help you select the short that is best for you, your budget and your riding style, we've added a handy comparison chart below to learn more about the Freel and the Kaweah women's mountain bike shorts.


The Freel is your hero short. Your do-everything, go-anywhere and feel-like-you're-wearing-nothing short. It's lightweight, breathable, durable, water-resistant and feels premium in every way. If you're not familiar with our shorts, the Freel features thoughtful styling: piping around the hem, iPhone+-friendly pockets and belt loops for any necessary waist adjustments. This short will take you from long XC rides on hot summer days to evenings at the bike park in style (and comfort).

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The Kaweah is the Freel's new kid sister. It shares a lot with the Freel, yet is determined to blaze its own path. It's more wallet friendly and therefore comes in a more wallet-friendly fabric: a Polyester / Elastane blend. If you've worn MTB shorts from other brands, you'll likely be quite familiar.  Our poly-blend Kaweahs are tough as nails and have the same popular shape and styling as the Freel, including the iPhone+ pocket!  Where you might notice some differences between our two shorts is in the breathability, stretch and fabric feel. The Kaweah short is your go-to for average summer temps (read: not blazing hot), shorter post-work rides and shoulder seasons. It'll be your best friend when you're up against the elements.  

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