I am a 20-year-old enduro bike racer, bike mechanic, and student out of Sun Valley, Idaho. At 19 I moved from Sun Valley and have since called Moab, Utah and Angel Fire, New Mexico home, when not attending Middlebury College in Vermont. I grew up alpine ski racing for SVSEF, where I learned to love going fast, and now spend my winters coaching U12's and passing on the love. My parents got me into mountain biking young - which pretty much consisted of being drug around on XC rides - but I didn't really get the excitement of it all until I started beating all the local boys downhill in high school. Now I'm hooked! Lately I've enjoyed pushing myself in different aspects of my sports. On bikes I've been trying new tricks on (like one footers and suicide no-handers) and hitting bigger lines (like the first four features of Banana Peel), and in skiing I've started backcountry skiing and Nordic skiing!
  • Dougnuts or bagels? Dougnuts over bagels - there are lots of vegan bagels out there, but if I can find vegan dougnuts, well that's something special. The only exception is oddly flavored bagels, those win. 
  • Home mountain range? It's hard for me to pick a home mountain range because not only do we have so many where I live, but I feel at home anywhere there are mountains. My home ranges are the Sawtooth, Boulder, Pioneer, and Smoky mountain ranges in/around Sun Valley. That said, Sagebrush Steppe being my home desert seems far more relevant!
  • Fur-baby? None at the moment, but I do have a carbon baby! (my bike)
  • Favorite mountain/trail?
    • My favorite ski mountain is Mammoth Mountain in California - the best time I've ever had on skis was spring skiing in a t-shirt on my SG skis to music for hours and hours after the race ended, best day. 
    • I’m loving Chillin’-Lemonade-Pinball-Candyland here at Angel Fire, but Osberg’s Ridge is one of my favorites at home

  • Go-to après beverage? La Croix or a Margarita
  • Day job? A bike mechanic or student - depends on the time of year!

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