• Dougnuts or bagels? Dougnuts over bagels - there are lots of vegan bagels out there, but if I can find vegan dougnuts, well that's something special. The only exception is oddly flavored bagels, those win. 
  • Home mountain range? It's hard for me to pick a home mountain range because not only do we have so many where I live, but I feel at home anywhere there are mountains. My home ranges are the Sawtooth, Boulder, Pioneer, and Smoky mountain ranges in/around Sun Valley. 
  • Fur-baby? My dog's name is Toffee, and she is a Chocolate Lab mix (we think with German Shorthair, but we adopted her from a shelter so we don't know for sure). All we know is that she's super cute and sweet with a side of crazy.
  • Favorite mountain/trail?
    • My favorite ski mountain is Mammoth Mountain in California - the best time I've ever had on skis was spring skiing in a t-shirt on my SG skis to music for hours and hours after the race ended, best day. 
    • Can I get back to you on favorite trails after I race the EWS in Whistler?  I have a feeling some of my favorite trails are going to change
  • Go-to apres beverage? La Croix 
  • Day job? I work as a bike mechanic at the Elephants Perch in Ketchum, ID, but I am also a student (Middlebury class of 2023.5), a bike coach, ski coach, local ride leader, mountain bike guide, and am trying to start my own little business. 

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