Hey!  My name is Kaia and I am a mountain biker, skier, student and artist.  In between biking and school, I love to do art and am enjoying trying to design my own jerseys- but in a fun way!  You can find me giggling my way through muddy days, surfing down freeride shoots, bopping around skateparks and trying to ride sick jumps with my really cool friends. My instagram is @kaia.jensen if you want to follow along on my adventures, see my art or to go riding!
    • Dougnuts or bagels? Dougnuts over bagels - there are lots of vegan bagels out there, but if I can find vegan dougnuts, well that's something special. The only exception is oddly flavored bagels, those win. 
    • Home mountain range? It's hard for me to pick a home mountain range because I've lived so many places in the last few years, but I feel at home anywhere there are mountains. My home ranges are the Sawtooth, Boulder, Pioneer, and Smoky mountain ranges in/around Sun Valley. That said, Sagebrush Steppe being my home desert seems far more relevant!
    • Fur-baby? None at the moment, but I do have a carbon baby! (my bike)
    • Favorite mountain/trail?
      • My favorite ski mountain is Mammoth Mountain in California - the best time I've ever had on skis was spring skiing in a t-shirt on my SG skis to music for hours and hours after the race ended, best day. 
      • I’m loving Chillin’-Lemonade-Pinball-Candyland here at Angel Fire, but Osberg’s Ridge is one of my favorites at home

    • Go-to après beverage? La Croix or a Margarita
    • Day job? A bike mechanic or student - depends on the time of year!
    • Favorite piece of Wild Rye gear? The pants used to be my absolute favorite piece of gear, they are so flattering and durable, but the new sunshirt definitely gives it a run for its money.  They are so soft and comfortable, I’d wear them both together every day of the week if I could!

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