Howdy, my name is Charlotte/Charli/Metal Charli Mandel, and I ride pretty much all the bikes! I work full-time as a bike courier in Denver, and in my free time I can be found dirt jumping, grinding up (or bombing down) a mountain on my track bike, ripping some Front Range trails, lapping Trestle Bike Park, suffering through an Everesting, and sometimes even racing! I’m also about to go into my second year coaching with the Boulder High MTB team. To date, some of my proudest bikechievements are:
  • Completed the world’s first brakeless fixed gear Everesting
  • Took the overall win at 2019’s Mile High Messenger Challenge VI (Denver’s biggest alleycat/messenger race) by a solid 24 minutes
  • Won all the dang 2019 Mile High Tracklocross races and went on to finish 3rd place Open at nationals 
  • Finally learned how to whip
  • Got ex-post-facto disqualified from a USAC cyclocross race for racing on a brakeless fixed gear
  • Made a whole lotta friends
  • Can build wheels
Off the bike, I’m into art (see my IG and also the illustrations in my Everesting documentary) and taking deep dives into niche music subgenres. In college, I hosted a radio show called The Scrap Metal Dumpster; and in the times of Corona, I’ve been lamenting the loss of concerts, and buying too many records in an attempt to compensate.
  • Doughnuts or bagels? Big ol greazy egg n cheese bagel sandwich in the morning, donuts if I need a little sugar boost during a long courier shift.
  • Home mountain range? The Rockies, more specifically the Front Range.
  • Furbaby: I am without dog :(
  • Favorite trail / mountain? Longhorn Trail at White Ranch: downhill only, bikes only, FULLY PINNED. Although if we’re counting bike park trails, it’s gotta be 36th Chamber to Rainmaker. As for snowboarding: pretty much any of the chutes or glades on the Mary Jane side of Winter Park
  • Go-to aprés beverage? About a quart of chocolate milk
  • Day job? Bike courier
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