• Doughnuts or Bagels? A yogurt bowl and a bagel (from Meyers Bagels in Burlington, Vermont )!  I love me a good bowl of yogurt, with homemade granola, apricots, a heap of nuts and a dash of cinnamon with my sesame bagel, PLEASE! 
  • Home mountain range? The Adirondack Mountains are my home, and what I think of as one of the most pure and unique protected wilderness areas in our country.  I am so honored to call this 6.1 million acre forest preserve, home.  A wide variety of habitats, and old growth forests reside within the blue line, including thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams!  I also feel incredibly fortunate to continue to share the Sawtooth Mountains, and Green Mountains, as part of my "expanded" home network.
  • Fur-baby? I shared 13 years of my life with a sweet fuzz ball, Soleil (Finnish Lapphund), and she was my dog soul mate!  Currently, I'm so lucky to share adventures with an Australian Shepard, Oz!   
  • Favorite trail / mountain? 
    • Favorite Trail to bike at Home = Good Luck, Hardy Road, Wilmington, NY.  
    • Favorite Trail to bike in Idaho = Osberg Ridge, Ketchum, ID.
    • Favorite Trail to bike in Vermont = Mad River Riders Network, Waitsfield, VT.
    • Favorite Mountain for Laps= Baldy, Ketchum, ID.
    • Most favorite place for split boarding or nordic explorations in the winter is the High Peaks ADK Backcountry!  So fun to rip down from Avalanche Lake on skinny-skis!
  • Go-to aprés beverage? Apres beverage is seasonal of course!  Grapefruit Radler or Fiddlehead beer for mountain biking season.  Please serve me up a hot toddy for winter travels!
  • Day Job? Year round nordic ski coach and a variety of public educator positions.  What is that statistic again..on average, a person will change their career 5-7 times during their working life?  I'm currently working on one of those transitions.  

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